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01 |  superfuture started in 1999. how old were you then? 
I was 29, old enough to know better!
02 |  how did you first discover sufu? 
I think I was looking for info on denim jeans, and quite surprised to find a whole community of jean nerds with an obsession like mine, so there are more poor souls out there fascinated with left hand versus right hand twill and ‘atari’ etc. I live now predominantly in the supertechwear section
03 |  there are plenty of shopping experts on supertalk. what's your specialty? are you a pro?
Def no, I have a bit of a mantra that I wait for sale time and if I do not manage to get what I want at a good less than retail price, then it was not meant to be. I don’t care what anyone says on here but there is very little indeed in the way of clothing that is actually worth the RRP let alone the crazy stupid prices some are prepared to spend on in the aftermarket.
I am not the normal SUFU size either so that puts me right on the outer edge of anything fitting and the whole sizing thing really gets my goat, if manufacturers, labels brands etc simply displayed in inches, or cm the actual size then we’d stand a decent chance of getting the fit right! Plus I no longer have the disposable income as I used to, so that makes me very selective these days. 
04 |  reputation is everything in an online community. how's yours going? do you ever get neg repped? 
I’m not sure how one quantifies 'good rep’ and really does not matter to me at all, I feel I should get neg rep sometime for being a black sheep sometimes and sarcasm doesn’t translate too well on the interwebs, folk really can at times (ok, alot of the time) take themselves waaaay too serious on here. 


05 |  online forums are all about the members, threads and posts. who and what keeps you addicted?
It’s very interesting to find a disparate bunch of individuals that share a common interest and seeing how they express that is rather intriguing, however there has been a surge in the uptake of the whole techwear ‘fashion’ that has brought in a slew of folk who obviously devour the culture like fast food, it’s apparent from the questions and comments that they have not had the patience and dare I say, etiquette to read up the couple of hundred pages of a thread, there’s alot of good reading and info in there. 
I don’t know if I’ve actually contributed any where near enough as I should, but I try to be down to earth. It's the progressive nature of the supertechwear that brings me back, to see innovation in the way textiles and technology merge and take from the past and move into the future then trickle down into the everyday is great. I try to sometimes give an alternative view or angle as I find it all too easy for some people to buy a whole outfit by the same brand and throw it on like a catalogue image, that's way too easy and, um boring in my view. I like to throw something dirt cheap and non-desirable on with other more favoured articles, but I do have to say I have no real brand allegiance. As far as I'm concerned if it looks good I'll buy it regardless of price, status or reputation. I have no issues with wearing a pair of ACRNM pants with a £2.50 supermarket branded tee! I'm not keen on brand snobbishness. After all, inspiration – especially in the techwear realm, derives from work & military surplus doesn't it?
Fashion and style can be two very different things despite the incestuous relationship they have, when all is said and done when is a pair of denim jeans and a white tee not going to still look good. Timeless classic.

06 |  supertalkers are based all over the planet. have you met any IRL? 
I haven’t but really should, there are some great folk I’ve met virtually and I ought to pop over to CZ and say hello to a couple of the headz there! - Also a quick train journey to London for a cuppa with the ACR crew there and if I’m ever in DC then there’s an expat there who it’d be great to have a chinwag with and maybe have a spin in a Veyron :)

07 |  are you fast and furious / slow chilled and controlled / or bitter and twisted? 
Oh I can be all of those and none, I aspire desperately to be slow, chilled and controlled but only really feel that way when I return to Sweden and am among the lakes and trees, far from the madding crowd.

08 |  the internet is full of crap. with over 3.2 million posts since 2003 has supertalk been a credible contributor or a major culprit? 
It’s not just the internet that full of it, just switch in the news! - ummm…I think supertalk can be quite cathartic, and guilty of both, I seriously think that it encourages a voracious consumptive nature that I find irksome, to the end that I am trying to shed most of my stuff to declutter, but it is also an absolute goldmine of really good info and some really inspirational autodidactic artisans, you know who you are. I know I'm full of crap sometimes!
09 |  if supertalk got accidentally deleted would you be devastated or relieved? 
I’d be devastated to lose the contact aspect but I also loved the days when the culture of clothing was a fully lived in part of life, rather than an adopted thing because it is the latest fad promoted by some famous for 15 minutes pop culture idol. It’s a nice place to decompress.
My history is that of old school hip hop so that is where it started proper for me back in the early 80’s, but that came out after the rise of the casual scene while at school, the whole terrace culture that was all word of mouth, sheesh, I remember when I first saw a girl wear trainers (sneakers) and you knew there and then that there was a tectonic shfting, history was being made, but I digress...
10 |  if you could nominate another superstar who would it be?
I'd live to hear from the double act of DrGitlin and his wife evoque, it'd be great to have a lady's view on things.

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