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  1. eye watering... as in painfully expensive eye-watering. 0605-AI 13.5OZ NATURAL INDIGO DENIM NATURAL TAPERED
  2. I haven't been following this thread for a while, so I'm not up to speed with what you guys have been up to... WTF are those???!!!
  3. The inseam length on those Boncoura jeans are too short for most westerners.
  4. Iron Shop Provisions in LA. Private and Co in Canada. Rivet and Hide in UK. Redcast Heritage in Spain. What model are you looking for?
  5. Rodeo Bros also sells the Sugar Cane jacket. They are mostly sold out too. I've purchased many times from Rodeo Bros & Klaxon in the past, when Rakuten was active. Both are great stores.
  6. Now they make not just one, but four versions... in a myriad of colors no less... Dearborn canvas (spring) Dearborn canvas (winter) blanket lining (this is the version I've had) Norco denim (spring) I have to admit I really like the black denim version. Might have to cop...
  7. Just found Dearborn canvas (winter) quilted lining Funny to think I used to be able to get these for about $50 for a 2nd at the Carhartt outlet store. Still stand behind my statement that this is an iconic jacket.
  8. Saw them on their website. Many sizes already sold out. I'd love to see a pair in person.
  9. Just saw these in today's Heddels email. I think they look quite good. Maybe too tapered for some folks here. But, they had to do an exposed selvedge edge at the coin pocket. That ruins the whole thing for me. https://skinneramericangoods.com/products/mens-standard-fit-jeans?ktk=d2Ezc21QLWIzZGIyMmFlNzI5&mc_cid=eb38a80578&mc_eid=12f42e98d4
  10. @chicote thanks for the tip. I did a quick search, but didn't come up with anything.
  11. Any recommendations for a simple work jacket, canvas or denim? Zipper, not buttons. Collar, no hood. Lightly insulated. Any color as long as it's black. Or indigo. Carhartt's Detroit jacket was an icon. The revised version is a travesty.
  12. I have to admit, I admire the guy for his determination and vision to create his brand and store, and the brands he collabs with. I'm sure he's an interesting fella that I'd probably get along with if he were my neighbor. But, I f'g hate just about everything about his brand aesthetic. When I first found his brand and looked at some of the collabs, I thought they looked pretty good. But after seeing some of his stunts and relentless bot-email campaign, I'd never spend a dime on his stuff. This is the last I'll deter SuFu with... C'mon, f'g really???!!! He drug his POS vintage bike to the PNW to ride through the forest on a back-road in the rain? And then blather in his blog about how brutal the conditions were? Just to have an existential experience to sell his brand? Really...???!!! You have to read the blog post too (which is almost illegible due to the font color).
  13. Their horsehide N1 collab with Y2 Leathers looks pretty good, I hate to admit.
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