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  1. With all of the shit talk about SLP, I wonder what everyone was expecting of Slimane. So easy to criticize, but there hasn't been one shred of opinion in regards to what direction Hedi should've went in his attempt to revitalize his career.

    I think all of the hate is interesting. That's all.

  2. A rep for HTC was selling food at the event, too. lol

    But the S4's specs are nothing to laugh at. Just too bad about the plastic build.

    There's a nice crack on my S3 (my first plastic phone) near the volume button on the bezel.

    Only dropped it once...

  3. You're right about the app being accurate. Whenever I slow the treadmill down, the time increases a lot. When I speed up the treadmill and my pace, the remaining time on the clock is shaved by every 30 secs or so!

    The faster the treadmill goes, the more time is shaved off

  4. High school student coming up to the register wearing a Gucci belt, fake huge diamond earrings with generic retail (think: Docker's slacks w/ Stacy Adams dress shoes) casual atire. #manewear lol

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