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  1. Yeah, I was just wondering how long the sleeves of the classic perfecto is; how it is supposed to fit.

    I've been seeing a lot of said leather jackets with uneccesary long sleeves.

  2. Does anyone have a clue as to what the "correct" length the sleeves of the perfecto supposed to be? The sleeve length ends a bit short of the wrist, exposing a little bit of wrist, right? Or are the sleeves supposed to be long?

  3. Yikes. Worse than I thought but thank you!

    Agree about the pricing structure. My girlfriend was tripping out at the fact the boots were cheaper than some of the button down shirts. I must say though, it seems if you want somewhat of a deal at retail, you should try and purchase from Europe. The prices seem a crap ton better. For instance, the leather perfecto is more than a grand cheaper at some EU retailers than in the states!


  4. "herb

    used by rapper esoteric, in the song 'herb'. pronounced like its spelled, no silent h. it doesnt mean weed or drugs, its a term for someone who follows trends, or just is a complete bullshitter. basicly one of those kind of people that nobody likes.

    'yo you a herb, if you say you rhyme off the mind

    but your hype mans backin up every single line'

    'you a herb, if you steal out the tip-cup"

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