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  1. Really liking the looks of the HTC One M8. The fact that it takes Nano SIM is what almost had me sold. I can switch between my iPhone 5 and the M8 freely (shouldn't have to do that, tho) I want the unlocked Google Play Edition, but $699.00...

  2. Overpriced does not mean overrated

    Noone here shittin their pants over Balmain shit. There isn't even a thread dedicated to the brand. So I'm pretty sure this brand wouldn't qualify as "overrated".

  3. Wow, guys... some sad stories here :^(

    600k souls lost. That's like 20-29 levels right there son

    Just started farming in Lost Bastille at lvl 88 w/ 11k souls. I don't know if I'm ready for the Ruin Sentinels, lol.

    Fuck The Pursuer. Hate that guy. Can't imagine beating two of them at once at Drangleic Castle on New Game+


  4. Dark Souls 2 is my first game out of the series. Really enjoying it... even the dying a lot

    Spent 6 hours w/ some breaks just "soul farming"; killing every enemy again and again till the spawning stops.

    Got into a bit of a gamer's rage a couple of days ago cuz i lost 6.7k souls from falling to my death; trying to kill an enemy on a very narrow path, forgetting to reclaim my souls from my previous death

    You just don't lose 6.7k souls, man. you just don't

    About to download Ground Zeroes for the PS4

  5. Got PS4 on launch day. I have to agree on bf4 being buggy. Crashing here and there. No corrupt save files, tho

    Thank goodness my ps4 wasn't bricked. Sorry for the people who got theirs with noisy disc drives, messed up hdmi ports, etc.

    I hate my ISP. Network speed has been going idle for like a month now

  6. Probably true but, to put it more diplomatically, the capacity for aesthetic judgment is unevenly distributed so a sufu consensus on a fit isn't worth shit. I trust Mass/Rajio/Shadenfreude/etc. judgment way more than the one from some random from Utah who rap-tumblered his way to Ralph Simonz. I mean there is a troll-retard hybrid here who follows Justin Bieber on tumblr, we basically don't exist in the same cultural sphere.

    whoops meant to +rep

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