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  1. Dayum!!! Smash getting good ratings across the boarddd. 9/10, 9/10, 37/40, four and a half stars n shittt.

    Haven't missed a SSB game (except 3DS). Kind of wish there was a SSB w/ Wii U bundle tho but whatever. Can't sleep on this. Time to get a Wii U

  2. shit i hate:


    racist white girls on okcupid who ignore a brothers pm


    it just kinda irks me that most dont even respond with a 'no thanks, you arent my type' i just get ignored....

    Meh. One shit I hate is when girls pm "Hi" to me. Here's the thing, though. Usually, on their description, they hate guys who send them a "hi" pm (and rightfully so). But i also hate "hi" pms, too. :P

    About descriptions: Read their shit, lol. they're pretty much open about their racial "preferences"

  3. Last week I had my car ( a '97 Honda Civic) stolen twice. Recovered by my uncle both times. He decided take it on his own hands to jack the car from the methheads.

    As I cleaned my car the other day, I found a kit, a gun, and lots of needles and bongs under the driver's seat. I deciced to have the police come by to confiscate

    them. Took them like 54 minutes to arrive.

    Shit(s) I hate: Driving this car (my only preferred method of transportation), police, and crack addicts.

  4. when your nose is half way between congested and clear and you get that horrible weird itch near your tonsils

    holy shit this is what I'm going through right now. Truly is horrible and irritating. That itch gets worse when you take a nasal decongestant

  5. Well, Destiny bombed...

    Repetitive missions and whatnot. The bosses are complete bullet sponges. I still don't get the story between the races we are introduced to, including the enemy races.

    Crucible and Strike missions are the only things saving the game at this moment.

  6. ^ A lot of people are saying that "next-gen " don't even happen till 2015

    But I agree with your statement regarding Nintendo bringing in really good news this E3... Wii U looking more promising

    Downloading that Destiny beta now. What I like about Destiny is that it really has a kind of Borderlands concept to it. I mean, that's how I saw it from one of the recent gameplay videos.

    However, I hope I'm not the only one burned out from the hype generated from this game.

    Advanced Warfare looks...great from what I can tell. I'd probably end up still playing Battlefield 4; sleeping on this new CoD like with Ghosts

  7. When I watched the speedruns of DS2 on YouTube, every speedrunner completed their little time-attack shit as a sorcerer; just staying as far away as possible and spamming Great Soul Arrow till the boss is dead

    And lol @ these invasions I'm getting. One bro thought he was a genius w/ his enchanted poisoned twinblade and fancy combos... nah.

    It must be kind of embarrasing getting killed by someone who uses an Ultra Great Sword.

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