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  1. Yeah, Battlefront is pretty cool. I heard that its not supposed to be aimed at "hardcore" fps geeks. A very "easy" game. That's good and all, but I remembered having a blast with the Halo 5 beta so I'll be holding out for that game. Please, no launch issues this year...

    I'm doing good with MGSV. I have no idea why at least three of my men in the medical division keep fighting and ending up in the sickbay, tho. Once they've recovered, another two or three would get into it and my medic division's level would go up and down. Annoying.

    Also, D-Dog makes finding and rescuing prisoners like 10x easier. Finding him early in the game ftw

  2. Just get it. I thought I was gonna sleep on it, too. Yesterday, I even passed by the electronics area wanting to get some groceries only to just say, "fuck it", turned around and kopped the game. No regrets. At all.

    They need to hurry up with fixing their servers, though. I don't really know what Metal Gear Online is but I'm itching to play it.

  3. Any tips on the Blood Starved Beast?

    Be sure to stay under him and just keep whacking him with Ludwig's Holy Sword

    Finally beat Ebriatas after like 10 tries. Wasted so much insight trying to do co-op. Got co-op going for once then I fucking died when I got her bar almost to zero. Ended up beating her by myself.

    A Tonitrus +8 with the Bolt bloodgem has got to be my strongest weapon in the game.

  4. I'm actually almost done with the game. Yeah, the game is gonna piss you off a lot but its worth it to stick around, imo.

    The only boss I've died a lot on was The One Reborn. I also died on the first boss many times till I used the Beckoning Bell and did a co-op.

  5. I forgot to mention Driveclub which also sucked. If BB fails then it'll just mean that, so far every game Sony touches has turned to shit. But like you said there is Uncharted next year.

    What about this year though? I think we have Persona 5 coming up... ?

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