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  1. Slow day working retail

    Enjoyed watching these regulars; some generic white guy get treated like an accessory by a korny azn beezy. Du just follows her around with bags of groceries. His face all red. She's on her iPhone carrying this big ass LV purse. They never talk to each other

    Relationships are hard, bro

  2. Flashed a Note II (ROM) port on my S3. I had no idea Note II users could browse the internet through a pop-up window and navigate the home pages at the same time. O.O

    Google Now has got to be one of the best features on any Android device running 4.1 and up. Very useful.

  3. Overpriced doesn't mean overrated,though.

    I don't think anyone is "beasting" on Balmain enough for the brand to be overrated. It is a bit underrated, imo. I don't even think it is "SuFu approved".

    Same argument can be applied to Visvim.

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