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  1. HTC One (unlocked, dev. edition) up for pre-order on their site. $650.00 for the 64 gb. Limited!

    Bloatware-free! Ships on April 18th.

    I want it but I have other things I want to kop. :^(

    Thinking of biting the bullet right now...

  2. Week 2 was a doosey I would recommend this challenge

    Watched a lot more porn on Week 2 than on Week 1. Not only my dick, but my whole mindframe went bonkers. Now, I'm able to watch porn and not touch my shit. I was able to get through every day from watching 2+ hours worth of porn and not jacking off. The OP was right...

    I think i trained myself to watch porn and not touch my shit. I didn't want to watch that shit but damn...


  3. i am about as politically 'radical' as they come but all this humanistic disdain for capitalism makes me want to go to the other extreme. one of my life goals now is to turn myself into a luxury object and live an extremely shallow life. i will find an equally shallow partner and our relationship will have an entirely aesthetic premise. hopefully people will get upset as the most cherished and mythic abstract values--love--sublimates into a meaningless series of images.

    That lifesteez, right? I cosign with you on this. We all need a 24k rose-gold Jesus piece in our lives. We deserve it.

  4. From that tumblr. Some #creepywhitedude:

    "Ever notice how beautiful Asian women are dating successful white men?"

    He starts name dropping -- "like Wendi Deng and Rupert Murdoch, or Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend? I think its because white men have such charm and sophistication that is irresistible to Asian women"

    Can't see any "charm" or "sophistication" in those dudes he mentioned. Had he mentioned Pete Rose and his "wife", Carol J Woliung he might've had something going there...or something

    Oh, Pete's with Kiana Kim now. Go Pete!

  5. ^ Agree with the article. It is a nice phone, with some quirks such as that unecessary Beats Audio logo. But the author just basically said that every other Android phone that has ever came out has been ugly, even the Nexus 4...

    I'm sure the author is getting too much of a hard-on with aluminum.

    Anyway, Does the One take Nano-SIM?

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