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  1. Looks great mandel!  That dog looks like a little pain in the ass too haha.  I have a friend with one of those and its honestly the most finicky dog I have ever encountered.  Its like a cross between a jealous girlfriend and that cat Penelope Pussycat from the old Pepe Le Pew cartoon!.  The second you divert your attention to something else she is all over you but once you start giving her attention she has better things to do and wants nothing to do with you.  

  2. 22 hours ago, Bobbo said:

    Nope, it won't even get close. The original roping of TCB is the craziest I've come across.

    But you'll love them non the less, solid purchase!

    I think Inoue has his machines set up to perfection for the weight of the denim.  Both TCB;'s that I have that were hemmed by them showcased insane roping (50'sand the 20'd contest).  I have never got this kind of roping from a local shop.  Standard and Strange came close, Self Edge not so much but i imagine they have their machines eet up to deal with an assortment of fabric weights.  

  3. Mostly on my own.  I did sign up for Family Search (free) which is run by the Church of Latter Day Saints.  They have an extensive record of this kind of stuff on file and I found a lot of scanned census stuff through them.  That said, some stuff is only available to view either at one of their family research locations (they are everywhere).  I use a separate e-mail address specifically for this kind of thing so I dont get bombarded by church stuff.  That said, lots of this stuff is public record so if you figure out who to ask and where to look you can find stuff.  

  4. I have nothing to report on the denim front.  I have  not skipped a day wearing them, and they have had an initial wash to rid them of shrink and an additional wash to ensure all shrink was eliminated.  I love the cut.  If I could change anything it would be the rise to be a spot lower.  Never thought i would say that but there you are.  I also have concluded that exposed rivets are too much of a liability to me and my surroundings so these might get pounded down in the near future.  


    I have been working on my geneology again and have finally made some progress, at least on my dads side of the family.  Typical peasant shit, leaving the deep south of Italy in the early 1900's to come to America and ending up in the Pittsburgh area coal mines and steel mills.  Found a few of them copped Tuberculosis and died relatively early.  One thing though that was stumping me for years was my dads grandma's background.  It was a literal dead end.  I have some documents but I found her death certificate on-line which answered some questions.  But everywhere I looked it showed her last name as Teropoli.  Nobody exists with that last name anywhere.  Then, as I was trolling the Antenati, I found both my great grandfather and grandmothers birth certs.  My Italian is not good but I can read it ok.  Turns out these peasants in Calabria wrote their "I" to look exactly like a "T" in the USA.  Her last name was Ieropoli.  Thats why I couldnt find shit.  Anyways, its a trip to see this shit after decades of half assed searches.  #'s 51 and 23.

    Volvo, please tell me you have like 3 middle names also haha  





  5. never even heard of that thing.  so glad my kid isnt obsessed with a specific brand or theme that forces me to hunt it down like a pair of rare denim haha.  .  She loves watching the weirdest cartoons on Netflix though.  We rotate between Maya the Bee, Sofia the First, Space Racers and some other weird show where jets and airplanes deliver packages to different parts of the world and there's a little lesson on culture.  

  6. 11 hours ago, nycsurfer530 said:

    Was off work today so I when hiking from my place in San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge and up into the Marin Headlands. In all roughly 12 miles hiked- I took a cab back into the city though. One really cool thing about the Marin headlands is the abandoned military buildings from WWII as well as some other abandoned buildings atop the mountain we hiked full of graffiti. My friends dog was obsessed with hunting and would shove his head into holes. 

    No denim pics but I’ll have some soon. I’ll likely give them their first was since the initial wash soon. 












    Oddly enough, in the 13 years I have lived here I have never set foot up there.  Its one of those things I have been meaning to do for so long its become a sort of joke.  Some great views for sure though  

  7. Question regarding the cinch back.  Is there a right or wrong way to use it?  Meaning, i see some people tucking it behind the belt loop and others over it.  Just curious if there was an intended way or if its user choice.  



    @Foxy2 gotta say im really looking forward to your updates as Moscow (and Russia really) really interests me

  8. 3 hours ago, volvo240thebest said:

    not time for jeans evo, but here's some daughter evo. Jeans are 20s of course!

    [damn she was born just before the 50s contest...now that I think about it...]



    think mine was born right around that time too.  I remember my initial fit pics were in her room with crib or changing table and all the gear that comes with it.  

    We have another due in April, so it TCB has been present in one form or another for both kids. 

  9. all jokes aside, thats the problem i am dealing with now.  luckily these fit without cutting me in two but the high rise of the Ooe contest jeans and me fattening up because I was eating out so much while our kitchen was in construction (drinking red wine didnt help either) almost killed me haha.  Its a lot easier to gain weight than to lose it at this age unfortunately

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