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  1. love those SD's, they really are my favourite boots. so versatile to either dress up or dress down, equally comfortable digging a ditch, as sat in a fancy restaurant, tougher than aldens, but not as "work boot" looking as smoke jumpers or moc toe's. Just all round great boots.

    Can't wait for mine to come back from their resole :)

    How long did you have them before they needed a resole?

  2. My coming up on 2 years old RW 3141. I just had the soles replaced because I got tripped up on an escalator (the teeth at the bottom or top of the escalator) and it took chunks out of both crepe soles. I had heard that if you send them back to RW, they just farm it out, so I just went local. $65 for a set of Vibram 2060 in beige. They are thicker than original, but the colors go nicely.


  3. Honestly, im not sure whats the real deal. I think he mostly designs the stuff and does some manufacturering. As far as who makes it, I have no idea. From what I could gather by talking to him, the majority of his off the rack stuff is targeted at Japanese tourists who go crazy for this kind of stuff, but cant wait the 4 weeks required for a custom creation. He will make anything you want, and his shirts and hats are fucking phenominal looking from every aspect. I just think the shoe game might be a newer venture of his. I got these at a deep discount, and who knows, maybe they were seconds. I have seen other boots of his and they are pretty top notch.

  4. its partially the angle, partially rather poor construction, which is surprising to me because the stuff in his workshop is very well made. These boots have been a pain in my ass since I got them, but I refuse to give up on them. I have had to take them back to him twice because an eyelet kept ripping the laces. Now, the heel stack on one boot is starting to separate. I have been rather displeased with the quality to be honest, and thats part of the reason why its taken so long to break them in. I just dont wear them that much. They are constructed pretty solid though, and the leather seems top be some sort of vintage. It smells just like my dads old vietnam era military briefcase. At this point, im not sure if I want to put any more effort into these. Most likely I will just get some Whites when funds permit.

  5. wow, this thread tickles the prostate. I have concluded that I need a pair of White's in my life, and that needs to be soon. Ill post up pics of my meager boot collection that consists of RW 3141's that I just got resoled with beige Vibram 2060 (escalators + crepe sole = fuck my life), some Danner's and a pair of boots made by Al's Attire in SF.





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