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  1. On 8/6/2017 at 0:46 PM, JDelage said:

    All - do you know what are the (chambray?) shirts worn by Harry Bosch in the TV show?

    i have no idea but I have just spent the better part of my afternoon trying to figure this out.  Not because they look any different than the standard run of the mill chambray but to see how good I am at finding this kinda shit out with little to no info.  All I have is that on the cuff placket there is a "W" or "M" according to some google image searches.  And i have struck out.  I cannot figure this out.  



  2. 1 hour ago, Sensuki said:

    Just went a bit crazy

    On the way

    Loop & Weft LRC1031 Vintage Inspired Crewneck Tee - Oatmeal
    Loop & Weft LRC1009 Supima Cotton Lightweight Henley Tee - Heather Grey
    Tezomeya Plain Loopwheel Tee - Taisha-iro
    Tezomeya Plain Loopwheel Tee - Oitake-iro
    Tezomeya Undyed Loop Wheel Knit Basque Shirt
    Warehouse 4601 Loopwheel Plain Tee - Heather Grey

    I have not seen real world photos of either of those Tezo colors.  Be sure to post when they arrive!

  3. well said @Max Power.  @BigSugar, by no means do I mean to minimize your win.  Its as you said, different strokes for different folks.  I am just honestly surprised at the results.  Today's SuFu values a subtle vintage fade over high contrast and I honestly didnt think it possible for anyone other than Setterman to win, especially since he has been meticulously documenting the fade process for the past 2 years.  My daughter was 1 when he started this and I vaguely remember thinking at a some god awful hour after like 2 hours of sleep that I couldnt wait to see the end results because its always great to see faded Warehouse and by the time the contest was over my kid would have stopped with the sleep fuckery and my life would be at the very least headed back to some form of normalcy.  

  4. too slim or too wide?  I'll use the bureau belfast's measurements, but i know for damn sure that the thighs on my size 5 slim (107 cut) army fatigue pants are not 12.25".  I suspect they do not measure BiG style

  5. nah man, Im comfort eating my way through construction.   Once we have a working kitchen we can start cooking more healthy.  Been eating out every meal since January!

  6. On 6/14/2017 at 2:39 PM, Cucoo said:

    There's a store 1h away that stocks White's and can also order custom boots. I'll just have to ask them if and what sizes they have available for trying on. Would be the easiest way to do this.

    I strongly suggest you bite the bullet and go for a drive so you can try them on.  The whole size by tracing thing was weird to me but I guess it works out in the end.  But if given the opportunity, nothing beats a in person sizing

  7. 6 hours ago, Iron Horse said:

    More length in the body and sleeves proportional to chest size; basically I looked at how the average modern shirt being sold by some major Western retailers was being cut in terms of measurements and used that as a template, rather than letting the factory in Japan come up with sizes.

    This has been one of my biggest struggles with Japanese-made shirts; usually one of the proportions will be off, or I'll find myself between sizes. Usually sleeves are too short (though for one brand they're too long with overly wide shoulders and a tight waist) or the length is a bit too short for a shirt to stay well tucked in. I also focused on a slightly larger frame; for example I wear the Small comfortably and I'm 180 cm and 70 kg, whereas John Lofgren wears the Large. Of course if there are enough sales down the line I could offer XL and XS. B)

    I think Flat Head shirts (the non W version) are the worst offenders of all.  

  8. 6 hours ago, edmond said:

    Selling my boncoura cinchbacks! Size 36  i one washed it legs too slim for my linking. 300 shipped and paypaled 

    measurements BiG style?

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