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  1. On 10/21/2020 at 11:32 PM, mondo said:

    Ha... I feel bad now – I rummaged around upstairs and found the shirt, but mondo jr has claimed it. I'd forgotten he'd started to take an interest in clothing... at 13, he's 6' with a 30" waist (the bastard) and will easily eclipse me in the coolness stakes if he hasn't already. As it should be!

    Nice to see fresh Cold Summer posts in the FH thread, though! All we need is itsbenhere to have bought up all the legacy items out there before new production kicks in..

    You rang? :P

    But actually, I do have some new stuff I could post that I've got over the years... I should get around to that! Like Cold Summer, some big life changes, so just fell off posting here for some reason...

  2. Actually, when I was in Japan and saw Kobayashi I think I may have stumbled into one of those events. There were some samples of leather goods there that were dyed with indigo (natural?) and Kobayashi was speaking to some customers about something (in Japanese...). It felt like an intimate event where you could learn more about the manufacturing process and then make a custom order.

  3. Gotcha. Yeah, I’ve tried to spread the gospel to a lot of people but ultimately it’s up to the individual to be interested in it and, unfortunately, not everyone is!

    also, I’m about to blow your mind. Sign up for Scott’s Cheap Flights to get insane deals emailed to you. I flew to japan direct on American for about 500 round trip. Technically 350 because I booked using points from a credit card!

  4. Thanks for the love guys!

    @Cold Summer Yeah, those are my D105s. Super comfy as usual and I'm loving how the denim is coming along. Unfortunately, I do less walking nowadays, so they're not nearly as far along as they should be considering I've had them for about 2.5 years. That's awesome that you're going there! How long's it been since you were there last? Do your brothers like Flat Head/raw denim too? Also man are they lucky to have you. I forgot how difficult it was to do stuff in Japan when you speak 0 Japanese...

    Thanks @mpukas! Will definitely post some more pics in the boot thread. They are grail boots for me too, and definitely much too expensive for what they are, but honestly after 5+ years without seeing engineer boots I liked nearly as much, I just bit the bullet. I'm very happy with that decision, though! They're super comfy and just have the perfect profile imo.

  5. Yeah, I’ve been having some pretty major life developments recently so my mind has kind of been off posting...

    that would actually be fun. For you guys, who do you remember to be the frequent posters when you first got interested in denim?


    For me, I’d say:




    @Max Power




    and I’m sure a million others im missing too... always trippy when someone posts after years of not posting!

  6. I don't really post here that much anymore so maybe I'm part of the problem but I'm bummed that many people have transitioned to IG instead of forums like this one... I wonder if my interest would have been piqued in the first place if I only discovered it today. I feel like its so much less intellectual on ig. 

    Anyway, anyone have any recommendations on silver ball chain necklaces?

  7. You know, I can probably make them work but Im just looking for a more comfy fit for this one. I think that it's roughly TTS and my foot might have just got a bit bigger in the past couple years, and its just weird moving up sizes so I didn't...

    Imo it fits like a 9.5 in the 70s. Maybe a 9 but I haven't worn my 9 in a while. Not sure if I still have them...

    Freaking awesome shoes though... they look and feel perfect!

  8. So I'm starting a tutoring company, and obviously I have to have a logo... so I'm making my logo, and looking for a kind of vintage feel for the typeface. I look through all the fonts on pages and settle on one I really like, just for a stylized "B". I then write out my name and notice that it looks verrrry familiar... so, I type out "The Flat Head" and, wouldn't you know it, but I chose the exact same font that Flat Head uses! For anyone wondering, it's "Brush Script MT", designed in 1942 by Robert E. Smith for American Type Founders.

  9. The only thing that gives me pause on that fit is the butt area. Looks like you don’t even have one... not sure if all your jeans look like that, but if you have a BUNCH of room everywhere (and you have hot washed these) maybe a size down could better give you the fit you’re looking for. 

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