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  1. Thanks @Geeman It's definitely been a while between posts..

    I haven't really worn much denim for a while, mostly because of where i live which is sub tropical (i'm not in Sydney anymore), but it's starting to get cooler here so i dug my Grizzly jacket out recently and have been giving it some wear - which then led to going on an Ande themed memory lane trip and discovering those Cobra's on eBay. I've still got a pair of Cobra's from Ande's farewell run which have had very sporadic wear. I just need somebody to part with a Wolf jacket now...

    A quick google and i found this:



  2. Long time no post...

    So on the topic of those Ukrainian Ande's on eBay, like everybody else i suspected the seller's measurements were off and did my own calculations. I took a (semi) drunken punt and low balled an offer which was accepted. I can happily report the inseam is a 30" not a 26", and as such fit me perfectly. The jeans themselves i'd say have probably only seen a months wear perhaps? Not even that....The only thing the seller neglected to mention was that this was the rainbow nep edition that Ande did, but it's fairly subtle & i actually kind of like it. Feels like a 13oz.

    Pretty stoked with them to be honest...




  3. I've personally never had an issue with their cuts or quality, always fit me well and i've only had buttons threads unravel - whereas no matter i how i tried i could never get anything form The Flat Head to work for me, and my Fullcount's and Strike Gold's were shoddily put together and unravelled faster than anything else i've owned. Price wise i agree things are up there, but everything's gone up over the years. I used to buy Iron Heart stuff all the time but i don't even bother looking at that brand now as i just can't afford to spend that much on a shirt etc... Unfortunately that's just the way it is.

    In the meantime i've got plenty of pairs to keep me going for a few years.

  4. On 9/15/2019 at 5:15 AM, ecsong187 said:

    Evan at Hudson Hill is good friends with Ryan. They carried his RTW jeans. 

    Shop Canoe Club carried his 1936 cut

    Don’t think either carry his stuff now 

    The store carried work wasn't made by Ryan, it was outsourced to a facility in LA i believe. To my knowledge he never got round to doing more of the 'ready to wear' collection, but i'm guessing if he's doing offering shirts they'll be 'rtw'.

     When i ordered from him it was late 2014 i think, my order was a complete custom cut, and i think the wait was about 9mths. I didn't mind at the time, but 5yrs just sounds like he's forgotten or lost the order. I'm assuming these 5yr folk have been in touch and had responses?

  5. 14 hours ago, superheavent said:

    Hi Guys, i’m currently interested in purchasing FC 1110W , but i’m struggle to pick size 30 or 31

    How much stretch the 13,7 Oz fabric should i expect? If let say i pick size 31 which is 31” waist according to Corlection, will it stretch to 31,5 or 32? This is a “Washed Once” fabric.

    Thank you in advance.


    You'll be able to get an inch stretch in those without trouble, so size accordingly. Just make sure your thighs fit.

  6. My conversations with a Levi's rep one time indicated there really was no plan for the LVC line in Australia. When it did sell it was in a 'capsule' style format, at a single selected location, and in limited quantities. That said, Maple seem to have had it for a while and in quantities that on the surface don't appear all that limited. It all indicates that it's of very low priority for them in this market.

  7. 19 hours ago, nycsurfer530 said:

    has me itching for my pair. I ordered my 60s about 12 days ago so i should be getting them this week!

    I sent yours out same day as Marcus' pair if i recall correctly. Shipping routes to CA from Aus are quicker so you should have yours shortly!

  8. On 19/04/2017 at 1:53 PM, kicks79 said:

    The Australian retail scene is pretty tough. The largest independent chain here in Sydney has closed down.

    Now with Great Southern Denim gone, there are fewer stores pushing interesting brands. 

    As a shop owner, I would love to stock everything that a brand did. However, the reality is that this is simply not possible.

    My advice to people is to support their local stores, go in and talk to the owners and let them know what they want. 

    They are more likely to stock things if they know there is a viable market. 




    Just my 2 cents on this, as you all know i'm on Sufu from time to time... I could probably talk about this for pages but i'll keep it brief, as much for my sake as yours.

    kicks79 is right on a couple of points here, the retail scene is definitely feeling it right now, and it's essentially like you need to be on sale more or less permanently just to be able to have any chance of just even staying afloat, let alone thrive - and that's no way to be. Combine a premium product that has wholesale prices that seemingly increase season after season, with a consumer that consistently wants things cheaper & cheaper and there'll be problems sooner rather than later. Add in the fact that the denim scene is still somewhat of a niche market over here and things get tricky. We would have loved to have brought more from our brands, and even more brands, but it's easier to move a $275 pair of jeans than it is a $275 Japanese flannel shirt... if you see what i mean. 

    In terms of GSD we could have kept going and stuck it out longer, but surveying the landscape we had to question whether that would actually be the right call, after all we both have families to look after and contribute to. It is disappointing not to be able to continue doing what we we're doing, but the conditions need to be right in order for that to happen, and after having spoken to our customers (both new & old) during the last 4 days worth of closing sales we feel we made the right call.


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