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  1. nostalgic do you think because you shoot with a mamiya and leica it sets you above anyone else automatically? your work doesn't really strike me as spectacular...your third photo looks like you accidentally fired the camera when walking into a room..is there something interesting that I'm missing?

  2. They're doing a 24oz unsanforized jean, construction and details are very impressive, should be out in mid-November.

    24 is suicide in socal..but i want some super heavy denim, so it's gonna be between these and beatle busters!

  3. tiltshift is a big gimmick, i would probably just forget about it

    that's a pretty broad statement...id say it depends how you're using it..I use it for architectural exteriors (not those cheapo lenses obviously) but it's definitely not a gimmick in that sense.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342