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  1. satinbeads.jpg

    Speaking of Atwood fanboy-ery

    These are titanium beads that sell for $15 plus shipping, and they sold out in a matter of hours. Why in god's name do you need to take a perfectly good pull off a of zipper and replace it with this. Most of the Atwood stuff looks nice and works pretty well, but this is just stupid

  2. would anyone recommend a nikon or a canon as a person's first dslr in terms of the affordability of quality lenses? I'm not talking about pro-grade sub-$1000, but ones that are good and a step above your simple kit lens

    From personal experience shooting Nikon and borrowing Canons, I can say that for the same price/segment, Nikon lenses feel like they are made from higher quality materials. The Nikon zooms seem to turn more smoothly and evenly and the primes handle a little better.

    I don't really know exactly what Canon has to offer, but the 35mm/1.8 from Nikon is a great little lens for $200. Other than that, 10-24 DX, 50/1.4 AF-S and maybe a superzoom like the 18-200mm, I don't know that I'd recommend any other mid-range lenses. Nikon pro glass is high-quality and retains its value well in the used market, so I'd save up and get something like that you could use for a while and resell later if needed

  3. alright, i'm a complete photography/DSLR noob and would like some opinions on what my first camera should be. i'm looking at the Nikon D3000 since it's in my price range (around $500-$600) and also looks like a good beginner camera. i'd like to know which DSLR i should consider for taking shots such as these since this is what it'd mostly be used for:

    just every-day normal life

    nature macros

    tilt shift lens technique

    i appreciate it, thanks!

    Umm, Nikon tilt-shift lens are like $1500 and good macro lenses are in the $500 ballpark to start. Of course, you don't need specialty lenses for these techniques, a long telephoto with a shorter focusing distance can give you macro-like performance and you can simulate tilt-shift with photoshop. A fast prime like the $200 35mm/1.8 AF-S from Nikon would be a good walkabout lens for taking pictures of most things.

    At the end of the day, get the cheapest body that meets your minimum requirements and the best lens you can afford. For the money you are talking about, $500-600, I think the Nikon D3000 with kit 18-55mm ($460 from Amazon) and 35mm/1.8 AF-S ($200 from Amazon) will be the best you can do. You really can't get anything better for cheaper. Maybe if you wanted to go used, you could get a used D200 for ~$400 and an old 55mm/2.8 Macro for ~$100 on ebay.

  4. I'd be lying if I said I use my prybaby for more than opening beers. That little feller sure is pretty looking though.

    I've said the same thing about my Metwrench tool. It looks fucking fantastic opening a beer. I have used the pry end it to open a car remote to replace the batteries and open paint cans, but not yet the wrench. But I use it at least twice a day to open beers, anyone use a Nitecore twice a day?

  5. I'm been thinking about hooking the keys on with the light and dropping the Gerber, but I don't want to keep all that stuff in my back left pocket next to the torch. Loose keys are just too noisy, and having them on the hook or biner makes them easy to access.

    I like the Gerber because it is super light and really sharp. I find that I like have a separate blade a lot of the times when I'm cutting fruit, opening boxes, etc and I don't want to unhook the keys from the caribiner on the Skeletool.

  6. RRL's bring me mighty disappointment...I walk into the Ralph Lauren Store and Barney's, feel the jeans up and down wanting to buy but know that I can get them cheaper...But I swear I've been to every TJ Maxx and Marshall's in Michigan AND Illinois and still can't find any RRL's...I'm going to give up or try the outlets whenever I get a chance...

    I found my raw pair by accident--I was running around looking for ski pants and just found them at TJ Maxx by accident. They were $40 and I fit perfectly. Honestly, they are nice jeans, but I would not pay retail for the considering what the $250 can buy you in handmade Japanese jawns. But for ebay prices, <$100, the denim is pretty nice, however, the fit is definitely not always up to par.

    tl;dr: Not really worth the trouble/time to look for them.

  7. the only person in an ivy league school that gave a shit about superfuture was westside.

    and he talked more retarded than anyone


    I'm working on my second Ivy League degree and I care about Sufu, even if it's when I get flamed :P


    on topic:

    I've been seeing a lot more looser fitting jeans recently, not necessarily vintage anti-fit, but just baggy, slouchy jawns all over WAYWT--not a fan. That's not to say everyone should be wearing super-skinny fits, esp. most normal dudes, but the denims that are straight from the thigh down with a 10 inch hem are just not flattering on most dudes (barring Cotton Duck, who makes everything look good). This might be recoil from everything being so slim in the past 5 years, but I don't like it.

  8. I was talking about this with my friends last night and I'm wondering if everyone that Jacob touches now can no longer kill themselves and will stop aging like Richard. My friends think this is true, but I don't think that just because Jacob touches someone necessarily means that. They brought up the example of Michael, who in the past could not kill himself after several attempts.

    As for the blackmail issue, I'm with you guys, Ben should wait until (or rather if) Alex gets into Yale and then hold up the Principal later. By the way, who thought Alex and Ben were going to make out?

    Where is Jin?

    Is Whitmore going to take Sm/ocke and crew off the island?

  9. Is the rarity (prestige) the sole appeal for you? I guess I just don't have that kind of personality where I would want something just because it's rare and hard to find. It's crazy though the people that ordered a knife in the 1990's and are only just now getting deliveries

    oh the dirty, filthy, evil, vile, just disgusting and inhumane things

    i would do to get my paws on a custom CQC6 from Emerson Knives

    god damn i want one so badly


  10. that looks mighty ugly.

    and the double chin doesn't help either

    As someone with 300 posts and rep power of 4, you can stfu.

    anorak should be bigger imo. also - phillies suck.

    I like the fit of the anorak. I had a pair of the gloves in the front pouch which makes the midsection look a little smaller.

    And actually, the Phillies do not suck. The Phillies have a one of the best line-ups in MLB and a solid rotation--and are the odd-ons favorite to win the NL again.

  11. However, the same problems will still be whether or not the LHT fabric can even be made in the first place

    Asked Gordon about the possibilities of just mass ordering S0210XJ for a S0210XJ contest as well as different denim options we might have...Considering the time it would take to decide on a new denim, for Samurai to see if they could make it, etc. I'm thinking it'd just be faster if we went with the S0210XJ's in the end....ahhhh
  12. Well no. Samurai is switching factories for most if not all of their denims because their old factory didn't want to make the 21 and 24 oz denim. Apparently, the thick denim was tearing up the old factories looms and they didn't want to take the risk, so Samurai switched mills to one that could make their specialty weaves as well as the regular denims, the only problem now is that the new factories have to optimize conditions for the new fabric, so it might take a little while to make the denim up to standard

  13. Awww you can't take the hate but you sure can dish it? My whole point was you bitch about everyone else but the minute someone talks about you you get all pussy hurt. It's the fuckin internet I don't live my life around it so say wtf you want. You give soxfan all the shit and then some. He's a kid for god sake so if you can dish it learn to take it or get out of the sandbox.

    I do not think that my waywt belonged in the worst thread, and I didn't think you had the credibility to say so so either. I think that soxfan's posted waywt are pretty awful on some days and that the way he dresses could be the subject of ridicule by people in the real world. If it makes him happy to wear what he wears that's great because we all wear what we like, but that doesn't mean he won't get laughed at.

    Soxfan might be a kid, but if he posts then he is going to get scrutinized. I know he's an easy target, but there's probably 50 other kids dressed like that lurking on sufu and what I'm saying to these people that just because you can buy expensive pieces of clothing doesn't mean it looks good. There's an element of taste and style that is lacking, needing to be developed.

    Citizen, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I just do not agree. I've taken a lot of hate on the SF waywt thread before, ask zissou, and I took it with a grain of salt. People have different tastes and maybe there's a forum somewhere that digs soxfan's style, but it's not here.

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