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  1. ^Yup helped a lot.. was talking to another homebrewer earlier as well and he was advising against the wheat entirely as well. That malt bill was straight from the Super Friends IPA that Ithaca did which I loved. It was also 100% Citra. Anyway, I'm tweaking a little bit but I haven't really figured out the exact malt bill yet because, as you said to maybe add the 20L for a little more balance, I'm not really trying to get balance here.. definitely just going for a hop/citrus bomb.

    Anyway, onto the hops.. yeah, after hearing both his and your opinion about the Simcoe, I'm going to use a different bittering hops early on, and not nearly as much. Right now the hop schedule is looking more like this:

    60mins - Tomahawk - 2oz

    45mins - Tomahawk - 1oz

    30mins - Centennial - 3oz

    25mins - Citra - 1oz

    15mins - Citra - 2oz

    5mins - Citra - 1oz

    Dry hop 1 - Citra 2oz @ 1wk

    Dry hop 2 - Citra 2oz @ 2wk

    Aside from malts/hops, what's your opinion of dry yeast vs liquid yeast? Dry yeast seems so much easier, but I'm reading mixed things on how much it actually affects the taste as compared to using liquid yeast.

    I like liquid yeast generally Safale US-05 is pretty good but it tastes a little weird kinda like canned peaches. For that beer, I'd use WLP-001 or wyeast 1056. American Ale yeast II from wyeast would be fine as well

  2. I'm not sure what the deal is.. every time I've seen it over here though I've been shocked by the price.

    On another note, just saw how far Flower Power got in that IPA tournament you posted recently ren, was top 8.. glad to see the beer getting so much respect.

    Working on a recipe for an IPA.. anybody on here who homebrews, give me a review of this and if it makes sense as this is the first time I'll be brewing:

    Malt Bill:

    80% 2-Row

    16% Wheat

    4% Caramunich

    Hop Additions:

    60mins - Simcoe - 3.5oz

    45mins - Citra - 1oz

    45mins - Tomahawk - .5oz

    30mins - Citra - 2oz

    15mins - Citra - 3oz

    Dry hop - Cascade - 2oz


    California Ale Yeast

    I'm buying stuff here and there to get ready to make a 5gal batch next month. One concern is that I have the malt bill down %wise but I'm really not sure of exactly how much malt I should use (it will be all grain btw). I want to make this beer more than a few times and tweak it until it's what I want it to be, then start making it with brett once I'm ready.

    Anyway, any comments/advice is appreciated.

    Too much wheat, this will be hazy as shit and not in a good way like chill haze from high hopping. It'll look almost like a witbier. I would use less than 10% wheat, maybe like 5%. Also I'd consider another 4% of another Crystal malt, maybe 20 for a little more caramel flavor and balance.

    3.5 oz of Simcoe is probably way too much bittering if your Simcoe is 10-12%. Also this is a waste of Simcoe, which is a pricey hop more often used for finishing (late additions and dry-hopping). I'd use something like Apollo, Horizon, Magnum, or even Chinook to bitter--and probably half as much. Again, with Citra, 45 minute addition will cause you to lose a lot of the aromatics and flavors the hop is known for. Tomahawk is fine at 45min, it'll provide a bit more bittering, but not much else. I'd push the Citra additions to maybe 1 oz @ 25, 15, and 5, with a big charge as dry-hopping. Cascade, I'd layer about the same way as the Citra, but no dry hopping so that the Citra has more space. I think that Simcoe and Citra, both have very distinctive flavors so that if you use both to finish, you'll have a muddy weird mix. Citra is very bright and fruity to me where as Simcoe is dank, sprucey and assertive.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Yeah that is a killer event that is probably never going to be replicated. It's not like the Stone or Founders, which do events all across the country. These are breweries that don't really bottle and distribute locally (although we get HFH in Philly). This is going to be special. You should definitely get there when it opens because you want to make sure you get some Heady Topper and HFH Abner and LF Double Sunshine (in that order) you won't get too many more opportunities to tick those

  4. anyone else on here homebrew?

    Yup. I've been all-grain for about a year now. Right now, I have 3 gal of a Flanders Red, 1 gallon each of the Red in blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, 5 gallons of Oud Bruin, 5 gallons of Lambic, and 5 gallons of pale lager all in fermenters.

  5. ^Nice post man. You buying the Cascade and Capt Lawrence stuff in Philly?

    Some Cascade is available in Philly, mostly the basic stuff like Kriek, Apricot, and Cuvee de Jongleur. The two Cascades I had were acquired in trades. Captain lawrence is really limited here too I think I've only seen Gold at retail, so this was also a trade.

  6. Some recent stuff:


    Cascade Sang Rouge


    Captain Lawrence Rosso e Marrone


    Fifty Fifty Eclipse Imperial Stout Aged in Four Roses Bourbon Barrel (318 of 2010)


    Cascade Bourbonic Plague (2010 GABF Gold Medal Winner in Sours/Wild)


    Mikkeller x Three Floyds Ruggoop - Rye Barleywine


    Bell's Hopslam

  7. Had Goose Island Bourbon County Stout tonight with a friend while brewing, and I have to say, I am very disappointed with this beer. It was entirely way too sweet, it was like sucking a caramel candy while drinking a mocha. The bourbon flavor came on in the end, but it was a bit harsh and overwhelming. The alcohol we very present and the carbonation was too low making this a difficult beer to finish.

    What are others thoughts?

  8. C'mon superbeer, y'all gotta step up your glassware game. A lambic/wild ale should be served in a champagne flute or tulip to really let the carbonation work its magic and provide a narrow opening to smell the beer. Similarly, the imperial stout should be poured into a snifter that lets you swirl it around and smell it as you drink

  9. They've gotten plenty dirty, a couple hikes out in the wilderness, couple session smoking pork shoulders, camping, spilling all kinds of disgusting at lab, but I just air them out every once in a while and maybe a little febreeze.

  10. No washes, smells fine, I didn't wear them in the hottest months this summer, but I also don't have body odor issue, i.e. I don't wear deodorant.

    The arcs have started to fray off, but the stitching is so thick that they'll need more work to wear all the way down.

  11. whats good, can any sufuers recommend some good food/nightlife in philly? going to be there for the next couple of days

    How much you trying to spend and what kind of places do you like? That makes a big difference. Also, where are you staying because that will affect recommendations since public transit isn't always the easiest to use in Philly.

    However, a couple cool places to check out:

    Johnny Brenda's, Standard Tap, Kungfu Necktie and Memphis Taproom in Northern Liberties/Fishtown.

    In Center City West/Graduate Hospital: Grace Tavern, Ten Stone, Resurrection Ale House, Sidecar

    South Philly/Passyunk East: Pub on Passyunk East (POPE), Devil's Den, Royal Tavern, Ray's Happy Birthday Bar, Tattoo Mom's

    Center City: Oscar's, Locust Bar, Nodding Head, Monk's Cafe

  12. I'll show more detail when I get a chance, but basically both laps and knees are ready to explode at any moment. The crotch is on it's third patch. The cuffs are worn thru the patches. The seams and the back yoke are held together my stitches I sewed by hand. They are literally falling apart.

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