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  1. lol yeah it was the bigger guy. I didn't want to call anyone else lest they get fired since he was really nice and helpful. He just didn't know the specifics on the pair I was interested in. I'm studying for the MCATs right now so I don't want to lose too much focus right now, but then after I'm going on vacation. When I get back though I will definitely head in.

    Yeah the dude had a funny story about getting his PRPS hemmed and the tailor ripping the selvage busted seam half way up the leg!!

    If you guys do get the samurais or imperials might just be in time for me to break in the second pair...

  2. if you dress well, and aren't too self-conscious people will end up appreciating your style. And the truth is that girls in high school are attracted to guys that are different, rebellious, and stylish. So rock w/e gear you want and screw everyone else because if they say stupid shit about you those are exactly the opinions shouldn't matter to you.

  3. ^^ beat me too it, Sugarcube is just a couple blocks south on 3rd. They'll have more menswear in the fall too, including steven alan

    it really doesn't matter as far as the size goes. Raw shrink to tag size and one-wash come roughly tag size; the only difference is that you need to soak the raws before you wear them. I usually size down one on Canes.

    But yeah, it does matter because if Itry something on I'd like to know whether or not it will shrink to an unwearable size after a wash. Raw denim will shrink ~10% in most dimensions, whereas OW will have negligible shrink so it will matter which are which

  4. Does anyone know if the SCs at Deep Sleep on 3rd in Olde City Philly are one wash or raw?

    I was looking at a pair of '47s there last time and when I asked the attendant, he did not know if they were dry or OW. This information is obviously important in deciding which size to purchase. Thanks in advance for your help

  5. Thanks everyone for your input.

    I wear mine almost everyday that I can but since it's only been 2 months the progress might just seem slow to me.

    I do a lot of gardening and landscaping work in my little city lot, but I am apprehensive about wearing out there for fear of getting them too dirty to wear everyday again. On a normal day though I walk probably 5+ miles getting to the train station, to work, to class, and at work. So the creases are set but only the honeycomb peaks are starting to fade

  6. ^^ lol didn't last very long there huh? :P

    I would say that gap selvage denim is thicker than these, the fit in the gough and morrisons are better too, its just that the quality of construction is likely lacking. Yeah I didn't even try them on because I knew for how much the jeans cost with the flimsy denim I wasn't going to buy them anyway.

  7. I realize denim was intended to be workwear, but how hard does everyone wear their jeans to get the amazing fades? I work in a research lab so doubt that I would get any nice fades anywhere other than on my ass and maybe the honeycombs.

    I don't think too many of you here are landscapers or construction workers, so what do you do to break in your jeans?

  8. I checked them out yesterday, they were $170 and imo didn't seem that special. I asked an employee if any of the evisu jeans were selvage and then I had to explain to the dude what selvage was...

    All in all, they looked nice, but for a little more you could have Canes, SDA or any of a handful of Japanese specialty brands. So they don't really seem worth it to me considering all the other viable options in selvage

  9. What about the "high expectations prof?" That's the professor that has the absolutely highest expectations from all of his students. The Prof is nice and a genius but he expects way too much and the tests are ridiculously difficult. This was basicially the case with my P Chem and Advanced Organic Profs. We are talking about Ivy League junior chem majors and chem engineers getting an average of less than 60 on exams.

    Then theres the "show-off professor." That's the young assistant professor that's a hotshot researcher that wants to show everyone how great of a professor he is by assigning a shitload of coursework and having ridiculously hard exams.

    Finally there's the perv prof, the one that always gives the cute girls in minis and tight tanks the attention and A's. I know that even an academic geek deserves some ass, just don't go about getting it during lectures.

  10. I thought the stars were cool when I saw them at deep sleep a couple weeks ago, but after I tried them on, it looked a little silly and my GF agreed. However, I think that there are people might like it and it would certainly help distinguish SC from other premium denim brands. Branding is getting to be important in this now very competitive market. However, I think the star would look better if it is offset to the side or bottom olike the hawaii or okinawa are.

    But yeah if you don't like it, just rip them out, any SC you buy now have no arcuates on the back pocket anyway

  11. hahhah awesome, thanks for all the advice, guys. i think i'll try out the 511s.. they stock them in the US, yes? i'll be stopping by Penn in a couple of months.

    and about the er -- asian thing. like they say,

    *cue corny immigrant accent*

    "...everything is bigger in America!"

    *end corny immigrant accent*

    i guess "they" lied to me. :(

    Penn as in the University of Pennsylvania? If yeah, drop me a PM and I can show you around or something

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