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    This is Elmo, my little mutt. We think he's a chihuahua X Yorkie, but it's hard to tell since we adopted him after he was almost full grown. He's a great dog, but the only bad thing about walking him is that I'm only approached by gay men, grandmothers or 12 y.o. girls. I guess two out of three isn't bad...

  2. well, im in the northeast, and im not the most knowledgable on pot and its worth/the whole transaction/culture behind it.

    anyways, for the normally good straight up headies that come through, its probably between .8 and 1g per $20 bag, ~$50 for a 1/8, between $80-$100 for a 1/4, and usually between $350-$400 for an ounce.

    ive never bought more than a 1/4 at a time, and normally i split it up myself and sell off a lot of it cause im a pretty casual smoker.

    Those prices seem pretty consistent in Philly too, and for that matter in my hometown out in the boonies. You'd think weed'd be cheaper in the city, but for whatever reason it isn't.

  3. haha I forgot to look at your location

    But then again there are some fine ass girls at GT....

    If you are serious about UChicago, I hope you applied early decision because acceptance rates are much better(sometimes more than 10% higher) for those that apply early decision

  4. Definitely into the whole "liberal arts at a university" concept that seems fairly exclusive to chicago and columbia. I attended the summer quarter at uchicago and am fairly obsessed with going there now.

    For stats:

    • 4.1ish gpa
    • not-so-hot standardized test scores: 29 on act
    • fair amount of extracurriculars (years of symphony with leadership, community service)
    • I also have heard that my attendance at a shitty public school in southeast helps my chances (diversity for northern schools)

    tbh, I don't think your test scores will be good enough to get you into your top three schools. You might want to look at less prestigous schools, lib arts schools in bigger cities, or some kind of honors program at your state school.

    Also what doesn't help is that since you go to a shitty public school in the SE, your guidance counselor is probably dumb as rocks and completely inept at their job of counseling you. I would try and contact admissions in some schools you are interested in and see what they have to say.

    And ProfMonnitoff :

    GL with everything, I know my high school messed everything up too, but nearly as bad. Hopefully, things will work out for you. I know that most US schools are pretty easy on international students and your test scores are pretty decent.

  5. New Pornographers @ the Troc in Philly on 10.26.07 was the best concert I've been to in recent memory.

    Neko Case was with them this time and they did two encores performing around 30 songs total. My friend and I couldn't think of a single song we would've like to hear that they perform.

    The Rilo Kiley show a month or so ago was great too, not just because of the band, but also because of the creepy old guy with a pack of Twizzlers dancing all on a bunch of cutest 16 year olds I've ever seen. We even saw the old Twizzler guy hand them a business card with his myspace on it!! Hilarious

  6. Just checking in with my jeans. I got them yesterday at work, taking less than 24 hours to arrive from BiG.


    Maybe it's just me but I was a little disappointed in the feel of the leather patch



    I guess this makes me contestant #208

    I hot soaked for an hour, hot washed, then hot dried and they shrunk to smaller than BiG measurements. The waist ended up at around 34.5 and the inseam was 35. I'm sure they will stretch a bit out, but I just wanted to get all the shrinkage out.


    I washed on the gentle cycle without detergant and the water was still super blue. I'm not worried though because there is plenty of indigo left as my blue hands can tell.

  7. USPS in Philly is pretty nice. The post office by 30th Street Station on Market is super-sweet -- it looks like something from a 1930's movie set.

    The only thing I don't like is that they don't pick up my mail and they leave packages outside when it's raining all the damn time. But in general they are cheaper and more convenient than other services. However, if I'm at work, I FEDEX shit on their dollar

  8. I think the hidden stitching on the back right pockets (silhouette of the devil girl) is really cool. I can just imagine me telling a girl at a bar about this really cool stitching on the inside of my pants and how I'll have to take my pants off to show her lol

  9. Forgive me for my ignorance, but I thought sanforizing cloth required water and/or steam in conjuction with physical manipulation to treat the fabric so that it does not shrink. If I am mistaken, then I apologize for making a confusing public post.

    My post was merely a response to the previous poster that stated the APCs were the best raw jeans. If I had not made my post, many of you would be talking about the unintelligence of that poster for not considering all of the niche market Japanese denims that are of debatably better quality.

  10. I find that getting jeans dirty/muddy helps accelerate the fading process.

    But yeah, just wear them and the caked on mud will fall off as it dries. Then as the fabric bends, the dirt will shake free from the fibers.

    Or as suggested you could wash them, they are jeans and they will be fine

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