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  1. As mentioned earlier, I've had creases down the sides of the legs from tumble drying and folding so I just leave them in a pile on the floor when I go to bed and put them back on in the morning. After the jeans are sufficiently worn, then, I will do what david does

  2. Wanted to come, but I changed my email and couldn't post forever. PM me if theirs another meetup before the end of August. I'm going back to Baltimore then, but I'd love tto hang out before then.

    B-more's close enough for you to come by and meet up with us!

  3. when the hell did all these philly people turn up. what did we have in the meet up i went to? me, 40oz, joey_formal, and roflcopter!

    Lol, I wanted to get back then, but I didn't have the thread susbscribed, so I forgot about it until it was too late.

  4. ^^ (edit: to jake toI agree, but I just wanted to post because I LOL at your sig

    amar, we all know what your saying, but you can always have them tapered so that the fit is slimmer to fit the silloutte you want. I mean if the jeans are ~$200, tailoring would be like 10% of the purchase price

  5. if they were your size and you won them would you wear? for me i think id at least try em on before i display.

    Lol they are my size and it's be mighty tempting, but my deep fear (and legitimate too), is the 100 y/o jeans disintegrating while I try to slip them on and button them. Although, I'm sure they smell great :D

  6. Yeah sometimes it's funny, I tried it on Sunday night and I would get the cashback icon but when I clicked on it, and got to ebay, the little symbol wouldn't be at the top of the page. But yesterday it all worked like it was supposed to, I would say just walk away and try again a little later.

    If you don't see the icon, maybe you aren't logged into to hotmail/live, or you haven't signed into your cashback account. If you have done everything, then I don't know what it could be

  7. Dude I just did it, its 35% because the two discount systems are different. The 10% is direct from paypal, meaning they take out 90% of the money from your account and send 100% to the recipient. And the cashback thing is a rebate where you have to wait 60 days to redeem. So you still pay full price (-10%) upfront , but you have to request the money back later.

  8. Just tried it, still works. I got a Nikon D40 with lens for just over $200, just have to wait for the cashback to clear in 60 days.

    To get the max savings, you have to search for the same thing acouple times before you get 25%, in the green box you'll get anything from 10-25%, just keep searching for the same thing until you get 25% and then click on the link. With the addition of the ebay 10% code, you can get 35% back total, with 10% off immediately and the other 25% coming later.

  9. I'd be down for a meet up this weekend. Anything is fine since I'm 21+, but I would prefer, NOT Eulogy, because I was there last week and the whole no AC thing sucks. So yeah, anywhere inside - AC = shit, all else would be fine

  10. In No Order:


    Dogfish Head 90 min IPA

    Victory Hop Devil

    Victory Storm King

    Troegs Nugget Nectar

    Troegs Trogenator

    Chimay Blue

    Stoudts Double IPA

    Dock Street Rye IPA

    Cheap Local Beers to drink when out:

    PBC Kenzinger (This is everywhere now and really cheap)

    Yuengling Lager

    There's a lot of good local beer in Philly, although most of you would not have guessed. As you can tell, I like darker, hoppier beer when I'm enjoying beer and lighter stuff when I'm enjoying the act of drinking. The only thing that pisses me off is how expensive beer is now since you can only buy 6-packs at restaurants and bars and most of these run more then $10.

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