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  1. The APC NS are a great pic for the slim fit. Other stuff at DB you might like are Nudies Even Steven, (maybe) Slim Jims or the standard Regular Ralf. PRPS, Rag & Bones RB15/16, Julian Red, Acne Mics might be a good choice too.

    You mentioned that you like the fit of Japanese denim, just realize that a lot of them feature cuts inspired or patterned from vintage levis and are actually rather anti-fit. Samurai does have som more modern slimmer fits, but for SC, most cuts are full and fitting a comfortable fit that doesn't make you look like you are wearing a diaper can at times be difficult.

  2. honestly, i dont know. its an 80$ polariod ... 2mp i think... no functions at all. im suprised the pics even look that good.

    hilarious, you were $300 jeans to show off to internet people and you don't even have a decent camera to take proper pix for the people to see. :D

    hehe j/k those sammies look great

  3. oh yeah I was going to mention this, but yeah, you should try the solvent on a little spot that is inconspicuous first. This way you can be sure that the indigo will not dissolve too much

  4. Any kind of organic solvent will dissolve superglue. Other than nail polish remover (which is watered-down acetone,) you might try other highly volatile organic liquids like gasoline, kerosine, turpentine, stuff with an -ane, -ene, or -ine ending will probably be good.

  5. Embarrassingly, I collected Magic Cards as well, along with Pokemon, Baseball, and Basketball Cards.

    Right now though, I collect Bonsai stuff, like I have 50+ different tree species in pot culture, hundreds of bonsai books and magazines, pots, tools, etc.

    I also have several hundred DVDs that I never watch.

  6. How long to stay in the tub for???

    Water temperature???

    Is it just water you want to soak them in???

    What to do after you take them from the tub???

    answers to the q?:

    many hours, like overnight

    as hot as you can get it

    just hot tap water

    several options: hang them to drip dry, wring out as much water as possible then wear wet or hot tumble dry in the machine to get maximum shrinkage

    All this information is up on the board if you take time to look.

  7. I'm extremely interested in getting a pair of these. Does anyone know if they are still available anywhere or who might sell them? Take5jeans.net says on order.

    I know that BiG had a few pair a week or two ago when I visited. I tried these on and they were the best fitting pair that I tried, but they were serious $$, I think $355 if I remember the tag correctly. On the Website they have s0710xx which I think are the same cut but have different details which means probably it won't have the really cool black arcuates or the oppositie red and blue selvage.

  8. Is that a cell phone fade in his left pocket? The reason I ask is if he's actually homeless how can he get a cell phone? It seems like I need to pass a background check everytime I sign up for a new plan.

    Regardles, this pair of Sc47s is fierce. I think these pics made up my mind for my next purchase...

  9. One my pair of Gap Morrison Selvage I do work in:

    Roofing Tar

    Brake Fluid

    Motor Oil

    Axle Grease


    All Matters of Food and Drink

    At least 10 different beers clumsy waitress and friends have spilled on me



    Many many chemicals from work at the lab

    Cancer cells

    Various bodily fluids

    A lot of bonsai soil

    Pesticides and Fertilizers


  10. They might be selvage, but the pair on German ebay do not have busted out seams but look to have flat felled seams, so if cuffed the selvage will not show.

  11. I can understand why people do--clothes were meant to be worn, and jeans worn hard. On the other hand, this is a piece of history and I would rather hold onto this piece of history rather than use it. If I owned a 1930's Bugatti, I wouldn't have the heart to drive it.

  12. Are they raw or just dark?

    I would try to exchange them for a smaller size if possible...but a warm soak followed by a hot dry will shrink these jeans to pretty much as small as they get (how they were when you bought them). Because of stretch most people recommend that you size down when buying raw denim.

  13. To me, the pay so much for a vintage style western shirt is crazy. I haven't seen one of these tfh shirts in person, so maybe I shouldn't say anything. I understand paying that much or more, for a pair of jeans because of the fabric and the craftsmanship, but other than lining up the checks, what makes these western shirts so special?

  14. Just go to a thrift shop, I have found several vintage western shirts. Vintage shirts have a much nicer fit in the chest, shoulders and arms than a lot of blousy modern shirts.

  15. LVC jeans are reproductions of 501 cuts from the 1800s to the mid twentieth century at important years. So there is the original buckleback with a single back pocket, then the 47s, 66s, and I'm sure a whole bunch more. Afaik almost all LVC are selvage, whereas the new ones are not. The new 501s are cut a little fuller and boxier than many of the vintage cuts.

  16. Thanks Fat & Fly, I got those on ebay for like <$30. At first they felt like floppy clown shoes, but after breaking them in they are one of my favorite and most comfortable pair of sneakers

    Yeah, I realize most people on here are tiny, but I have the satisfaction of maxing out almost every machine at the gym, something most people here can't do. But given the choice, I would like to lose 20 lbs. I've lost 10 in the past couple months, but now its getting even harder

  17. I would think that you'd get what you put in. If you wear premium jeans they will in all likelihood fade better and be more resilient to the abuse you put them through. If you get cheaper jeans then the results might not be as good. But the thing is you don't want to have to worry about your $300 jeans while your doing work, and it'll be hard to repair these jeans well when you rip and tear them.

    Also, why do you need to wash them anyway if their work clothes? I've worn a pair to saw down two 50 foot trees, hiked 5 miles through a swampy forest, done all of my gardening... all without washing yet. They'll get caked in mud, sweat, blood, w/e but once it dries, it all just brushes off and just air them out. You're doing work in them not trying to get laid

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