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  1. Walked and strolled out for lunch break:

    pokies: 0

    cleavage: 2

    see through: 0

    whale tails: 1


    wtf is a whale tail?

    Anyway, I love the chillier weather, but my GF's friend just went down sick with Mono, so I'm not looking forward to sick people trying to spread me their diseases

  2. Wawa was the only place to get food after 10pm when I was growing up in the country, which was especially crucial when stoned with the munchies.

    But now that I'm in Philly I love how they are located all throughout the city, with free ATMs, cheap coffee and sandwiches, and ICEEs

  3. Are you sure the cultizm 47s are 2007? From their descriptions it seems like those are still from 06

    The 2007 are infact cut fuller. I tried on a 2006 36 that fit like 35 in the waist with a slightly tapered straight cut. the 2007 34 that I tried on fit like a true 34 and was straighter and fuller than 34s from years previous.

  4. At Ubiq on Walnut in Philly, they have the new F/W 07 '47 LVC. They've had them for a while now and you can even order them online from their website.

    Unlike previous LVC editions, these do seem to be tagged correctly and cut a little fuller. Compared to the '06, this years 47s seem to be an inch wider in the waist and at least a half inch wider through the thighs and knees. So if you are buying these, make sure you try them on first if you can because the cut is a little different.

  5. @ $217 the jeans are the MSRP in the US. As I understand, Sugarcane has agreements with all US retailers that their jeans are to be sold only at a set price and never to be offered on sale.

    Deep Sleep has: SC Okinawa, Hawaii, 47, Union Stars (maybe more, i don't remember); the Evisu; WeSC; PRPS; that's all I can remember. They might get more lines in the fall.

    anyway nice deal at $170 and practicallly new

    free bump...

  6. I can confirm that these exist too. When I was at the Levi's Store on Broadway in Soho a couple weeks back I saw these, but not in my size. In fact I only saw two pairs of these, so either they were not restocked or just selling like crazy.

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