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  1. qKmMxl.jpg






    It's been a long week at work, so I haven't been home at all for days. Here are some teasers until good pics.

    My Contest jeans, started 11/6/07, almost three years now. They were worn almost everyday for about 14 months, then I started rotating them once or twice a week for a year, while I was working on RRL's. When the RRL's started looking good, these and the RRL's split even time. Then I moved on to Sams and they both got some rest until the hottest summer ever, and they were worn on cool days (<90F). Overall, I'd say about 2 years of wear.

  2. what is indian brown ale?

    Indian Brown Ale is a hybrid style: grain bill of an American Brown Ale with hopping of an India Pale Ale. What this means is a beer with slightly sweet, toasty, chocolately malt mixed with citrusy, piney, resinous American hop aroma and flavor. It's similar to a Black IPA, but with less roast and more toasty, caramel flavors

  3. our best friends at MAD DECENT we are proud to present the THIRD ANNUAL MAD DECENT SUMMER BLOCK PARTY. A real life block party with all your Mad Decent favorites playing and spinning live for FREE all day and night. Saturday July 31st from Noon-ish to 8pm. We got bbq’s, water guns, dunk tanks, slip and slides, water ballons, ryan grotz shirtless etc. I feel like I am promoting a Jugalo gathering. But nowhere in the world does a party like this exist – only in Philly! The lineup is totally bonkers with the one and only DIPLO performing as well as Nadastrom, Paul Devro, Popo, Brick Bandits, Bosco Delray, Brendan Bring’em, Luvstep, Maluca, Deathset, Toadlly Crossed Out and special live guest appearances by Elmo and Michael Vick Moshing Dog. Bring your young family members as this is one of the very few times in Philly where folks from all sorts of neighborhoods and backgrounds come out and dance together! No need to buy any tickets for this – just show up as it’s out on the street at 12th & Spring Garden all day long! FREE FREE !

  4. If I recall correctly, the Missision Street Brown is brewed by Firestone Walker

    I did see there was an ad for a beer pub at one of the casinos, but the tag line was "... a wide variety of beers, like moosehead... " really moosehead is a great craft beer?

    Okay, enough about LV... Just found a cheap good beer.

    you better sit down... Trader Joes.... Mission Street Brown Ale. Yup, TJ makes a Brown Ale now.

    I've not bought the other MIssion Street's, well because they were Trader Joes... but when I saw a Brown Ale (my favorite by the way) I had to pick up a bottle.

    The price $1.99. Damn right Two buck Chucks is Back and now with a Decent, 1 Pint 6 oz, 5.7% Brown Ale.

    Smells like Guiness a bit, lightly carbonated, lot's of chocolate notes, but not heavy at all. Really easy drinking. Reminds me of a lighter Stones 12th Anniversary Ale.

    But for 2 bucks, you can't beat it. I might have to pick up a case next time I'm in as they always discontinue the good stuff I pick up.

  5. ^^The answer to that question depends on what you plan on taking pictures of and how much your budget is. If you are looking in the $500 range, you will get a different answer than if you are willing to spend up to $1000. Also, if you are taking candid pictures of people then you have different needs than for taking landscapes or studio/posed shots

  6. ^^^Nope I don't think Richard is dead. And as for Widmore dying, I think that it was pretty good that Ben finally killed him.

    Finale will be good with Jack now protecting the island and Flocke (Sawyer actually called him that in this week's ep) as his adversary. It's just like earlier seasons but with the roles reversed, where Jack was always trying to leave, but Locke wanted to stay and protect the island. Oh the irony!

    Question is, will the rules apply to Jack now that he's the new Jacob, can Flocke kill him? Also interesting to think about is how all the other characters in the flash sideways will reconvene and what will happen when they do. Lastly, in the "present" what will become of the rest of the survivors (and Miles)?

  7. Eh all ive had is the regular grocery store accessible Pale Ale which just isnt good. Rather than question my taste though, how about you just recommend a few that you personally enjoy like I asked?


    The denim equivalent of what you said is, "What Samurai jeans would you recommend? I hear they are quite good but the regular jeans are just so bad It is incomprehensible to me that they make a quality product"

    Back on topic,

    If you go to the link I posted, 2000+ people would disagree with you that SN PA is bad because SN PA is probably the quintessential American Pale Ale and it is also the top commercial example listed in the BJCP Style guidelines. So yes, your taste is questionable--you might not like pale ales in general, but for the style, there are few better examples than SN PA.

    But pretty much everything SN has right now is either good or great. in the great category, I would say the 30th Anniv. collab Imperial Stout made with Anchor, Bigfoot barleywine, and Torpedo IPA.

  8. DSC_0329.JPG

    It's too hot now to carry that Corter Wallet, it just makes the right side of my ass sweaty.

    So it's just a self-made money clip( with ~$100 Cash, University ID, Driver's License, Credit Card, and ATM card), leather and paracord bracelets, 4Sevens Mini AA, Keys and Gerber Paraframe.

    I'd like to carry less keys, but 3 are for labs at school, 3 are for my girl's place and 1 is for mine and I used them all at least once a week. The lab and GF keys aren't supposed to be duplicated or altered, so no keytool.

    Thinking about a replacement for the Gerber, maybe a small Spyderco? Something less than $50, and recommendations (I know there's a post of approved blades broken down by price, but I still like to hear new opinions)?

  9. What SN craft brews would you recommend? I hear they are quite good but the regular brews are just so bad It is incomprehensible to me that they make a quality product.

    Two possibilities: you had old SN beers that were not stored properly, or you have terrible taste. Evidence SN make some of the best, well-balanced beers in the world in a variety of styles that are consistently good AND affordable.

  10. I carry a knife because they are useful to have. I find that I use it almost daily to open packages of stuff at work and at home. It's nice to be able to cut fruit or food for sharing. A cutting tool was probably the first tool that mankind invented, and even though civilization has advance far past the stone age, we still deal with many of the same problems in the course of our daily lives.

    As for the stigma of carrying, I think as long as you let people (friends) know that you have no intention of using it for harm, then that should be fine.

    I can't imagine that I would pull a knife in self-defense because I could punch someone much faster than it would take to deploy and use a knife. And truthfully, if someone wanted to jump me from behind, there's not much a knife or a gun for that matter could do to protect me.

  11. I thought there was, maybe it was just 28-200mm

    I would say that you should spend your money on Nikon lenses because they retain value and overall are made better than comparable units from 3rd party makers. I think the other options like the 18-135 (too slow, no VR) 16-85 VR (overpriced, same $ as 18-200VR) or any of these mid-range DX zooms don't offer the combination of utility and value that the 18-105VR and 18-200VR have.

    I also really like the 18-105VR, but I travel light now and find the 35mm to be pretty good for almost everything I shoot. However, I think that the best thing to do is not listen to us on the interwebs but to go to a store and try it out. And if it's a local mom-and-pop shop, buy it form them if you can spare the extra money because they might have saved you hundreds on a lens you might've regret buying

    Don't think Nikon's ever made a non-VR 18-200mm. There's a VR and a VR II, the only significant difference being that the newer one has a zoom lock.

    And I agree, the 18-105mm is a solid option if you don't need as much reach.

  12. hey guys right now I shoot with a nikon D60 and the kit 18-55mm and a 55-200mm. I've noticed over the last year or so I really don't like carrying multiple lenses and might want to consolidate this into one zoom with a wide range. I'm also going to be in Hong Kong/China/Korea for about 3 months in the summer interning and doing some traveling and I want to be able to shoot around without lugging a bag with me at all times. I think i find myself shooting mostly between 35 and I want to say 135 currently. Would trading both lenses in and paying for an 18-200 be a good move? I've read some mixed reviews so I can't decide if it's worth the cost, or any other lenses you guys can suggest would be great. Thanks!

    As mentioned, the 35mm would be a great choice to have at night and for maximal portability.

    I guess when you say 18-200, you mean the VR because I would only recommend the VR, the non-VR is too slow on the long end for most applications. Overall, it is a very useful lense, but you might feel overwhelmed with it's size and weight on the smaller D40/60 body. If at all possible, try going to a local camera store or Ritz and see if they will let you mount a show lens up to your camera and try it out. See how you like the weight and the zooming--eventhough it is approximately the same dimensions as the 55-200VR, I remember it weighing more than twice as much.

    A cheaper option would be the 18-105mm VR, which is the kit lens on the D90. It's a nice lens with a bit of distortion on the wide end, but the zooming and AF-S with manual override are both nice. New ones sells on ebay for ~$250, whereas the 18-200VR retails for over $700 and the used ones on ebay are usually still around $550-600.

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