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  1. Upland Lambics are pretty good. They are fruit forward Lambics that taste like very fresh, the blueberry especially tasted like here were leaves and stems in it. The acidity is usually pretty restrained with a moderate level of funk. It would be interesting to try a straight Lambic or the base beers in a Gueuze to compare

  2. I have the 2010 on Draft and from the bottle before--not impressed. It's a witbier base that's funkified, but it doesn't have the complexity of the other Cantillons.

    I've had a 10 year old Hanssens Oude Gueuze on cask before and I didn't like that much either. I thought it was just straight vinegar

    The other Cantillon beers on tap will be stunning, I'm sure and Z2011 should be great too

  3. ^Will definitely be here, just give me a heads up before you come so we can work out a trade. Also, it's Madame Rose, not Juliet, but all three of them are still easy to find here so if you need Juliet let me know and I can hold onto it for you.

    Are they really that easy to find? Have there been more bottles in the recent releases?

  4. @Shufon:

    Just regular 2TD, I really enjoyed it when I had it a couple years ago, and it was an extra, the trade was primarly for MoaS and Pisgah Vortex II.

    I do want some brute and I think you have some Juliet for me too. Idk if you'll still be in NYC during the weekend October 1st, but I'll be there visiting some friends, so we can do an IP trade if you want.


    idk where you are located, but that has a big impact on what beers that we can recommend for you.

  5. That's a really good trade for you, at least volume-wise because those beers he offered you can be aged and drank in time, but the window for a bottled DIPA is so short.

    Beerporn from recent trades and my Midwest road trip with the little bro and pops:








    New I need to buy a new shelf in my cellar...

  6. Had an 05 De Cam recently that amember of our tasting group called, "a stinky diaper full of Indian food." Very funky

    The 03 I thought was fantastic, very complex with lots of crisp green apple, lemon peel, musty straw and Brett. I loved this beer and was one of the best spur beers I've ever had

  7. ^^I liked Parabola much more (pretty much everyone there agreed), even though the DL was a 10, which many people think are drinking great right now. I have one left I'll keep for the vert I'm building, but definitely not a beer I'm lusting after.

  8. My normal Thursday tasting group went big this week.


    Three Floyds Zombie Dust (Growler)

    Coast Blackbeerd Aged in Buffalo Trace Barrels

    Cantillon Classic Gueuze Bottled 2010

    Deschuttes Black Butte XXIII

    Ithaca LeBleu E!32 (batch 2)

    Bruery Black Tuesday 2010

    Russian River Temptation Batch 6 x2

    De Struise Black Damnation-Double Black

    Oud Beersel Oude Kriek Vieille 2002 or 3

    Lost Abbey Framboise de Amorosa 2011

    Big Sky Ivan the Terrible 2010

    Hanssens Scarenbecca Kriek x2

    3 Floyds Dark Lord 2010

    Firestone Walker Parabola 2011

  9. No worries, I'm probably going to DC the third weekend in August.. Philly is on the way on the AmTrak. I can bring you some Brute if you're ...

    I'll be at the beach that whole week, so unfortunately we won't be able to meet up. Just doesn't ever seem to work out for us to get together

  10. 8? Haha damn, nice dude. I'm probably gonna buy a couple more this coming weekend, it seems to be pretty easy to come by in the city from what I can tell.

    Been surprisingly difficult for me, probably because of the fewer cases and higher demand compared to Abacus. I didn't see any in the City of Philadelphia at least not for less than $25, but managed to out of luck when I ran into a South Jersey store that had 6 sitting on the shelf and no bottle limits. Felt kinda bad buying all of them, but if they are still sitting there for $15 each, then clearly the clientele at that store didn't know what they're missing

    As for the Cantillon, I managed to snag a single 08 LP Kriek and a couple Classic Gueuze for a reasonable price. However, a local suburban shop was charging $40 for St. Lamvinus and $50 for Fou' Foune. The owner of this establishment always says, "first come, first serve" on very limited bottles but I know for a fact that he reserved a bottle of Fou' Foune for a friend of mine but not me even though I emailed him first asking for a bottle. They're tougher to come by these days, and whenever I can I'll buy as many as I can find just because I never know when I'll find them again.

  11. I went to the game, but had to to leave in the 15th to get home for work today. I watched the rest of the game as soon as I got home though. I wish I would've stayed now, but I had no clue how long the game would last, with Baez and Red's reliever both pitching so well.

  12. She actually picked it up at a bottle shop in West Lafayette.. I was under the impression that you could only buy it from the brewery but I guess not. If you see any while you're there let me know, would love to get ahold of some other flavors.

    I thought the sours were brewery only as well, but that doesn't stop someone from going to the brewery to buy it retail and then resell it in there store. I remember seeing a Beer Porn post on BA from some dude that bought about 40 of each blueberry, peach, cherry, blackberry, it was like $4000 in Upland lambics

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