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  1. Tell me how the Upland Cherry is. I've had the blueberry and enjoyed it. It had the best straight blueberry flavor of any beer I've had. I'll be in Bloomington sometime soon and would like to get some Upland or at the very least trade for it.

  2. @Soonami I might crack one and try it then.. I hate Boon Kriek but if it is like that with natural flavors/no extra sugar I imagine it's pretty enjoyable.

    Also, that Sam Adams single hop variety pack sounds interesting, will definitely pick one up.

    It's sweet for sure, but just imagine the best cherry or raspberry soda you've ever had mixed with a bit of gueze and that's what you get.

  3. The NG fruit beers are legit. The Red is delicious! These beers are unlike other sour fruited wild ales in that they have plenty of body and a good bit of sweetness. It's like Boon fruit lambics if they weren't back sweetened and featured the fresh fruit flavors possible. I think that you should at least drink one bottle of the Red to know what you are trading. The hype for these beers is fairly restrained and the reviews, 600 and 700 each, are all very good. You can definitely get these for good locals/limited shelf beers. I think I've trade some Nugget Nectar, Wake n Bake, Victory at Sea, BBVD, and other Troegs and Terrapin for these beers. So not hard to get, if someone lives near Wisconsin.

    I'd offer to share some with you if you lived closer. I get some tossed in as extras pretty regularly. I think I have at least 4 of each in my basement.

  4. New Glarus is pretty good overall, the fruit beers I've had and Moon Man are really fantastic. Everything else I've had was tasty. However, I think it's a case of limited supply really driving up demand. If you could buy NG as easily as you could fat tire, people wouldn't go as crazy over it.

    However, I feel like BrewDog is all hype and their beers tend to just be okay.

  5. ^^Hipsters. There are dudes that would lick Mikkel's balls as long as he charged more than anyone else was. A friend runs a beer store with really good selection that has a gang of local lib. and fine arts students that come in to only buy Mikkeller.

    Haul from the Go Crazy BIF on BA:



  6. Personally, I think that excuse is bullshit. Don't serve food if you are going to do a shitty job. You wouldn't make the same excuse for a gastropub that had dirty beer lines and old food--they're a restaurant that serves beer...

    Although it's annoying that some breweries don't have food and just a tasting room, I don't mind having to bring a falafel wrap or get pizza delivered. That's much better than being forced to eat crappy food.

  7. To anybody interested-- I'm taking a trip up to VT for a few days in early May and I'll be making stops to pick up Lawson's Finest, The Alchemist, and Hill Farmstead beers. If anybody wants me to proxy anything, pm me.

    I have not had any LFL or Alchemist so I would definitely be interesting in trying whatever they had. I can trade you home brew. XD

  8. Had Ithaca LeBleu and Upland Blueberry last night. They were very different, and I'm glad I got the chance to try them back-to-back. Upland was very blueberry-y, I think one of my buddies described it best when he said that it was expecting to find seeds and stems in his glass. OTOH the LeBleu was very tart and crisp, was much funkier and more assertive. The blueberries definitely were more understated as the base beer was very bright and refreshing. Also interesting was the difference in color, the LeBleu was much paler with just a slight pink hue whereas the Upland was reddish-purple. They were so different, both really good. I felt like the mix of the two 50/50 was divine--great balance of fruit and lambic acidity. It was very enjoyable if you ever get the chance to try both!

  9. i dont want to explicitly get into trading, but you can feel free to pm me/text me if theres anything available in Boston area that you need, we can work something out

    also, I will be making a few trips to Vermont this summer for Heady Topperz/Lawsonz/Hillz Farmsteadz and will give a couple of you guys a crack at getting them $4$

    Yeah that would be great, I'll send you my best homebrews for Heady Topper, HFS and Lawsons!

    We get a lot of the same stuff here in PA that you get in Mass, I know because I tried to send you a box of stuff you couldn't get :P Stuff you guys can get more easily is Portsmouth, the Vermont Stuff and Goose Island (for some odd reason).

  10. damn soonami, you should have thrown some of your homebrew into my package! speaking of which, I still am tracking down bottles for my package, been so busy

    I used to throw homebrew in packages, but it seems like people like getting commercial beers better, since it's a known product. A lot of people have more beer than they can drink, so if they have something of unknown quality, they won't get to it.

  11. I heard that the last keg was tapped at Extreme Beer Fest a couple weeks back and the hops had faded so much that it was a shadow of its former self. I'm making a brett/wild yeast fermented IPA right now. I'm going to give it about a year or so to get the funk cranked up and then drop hop to hell with citra and amarillo.

  12. Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, (Schaerbeekse is very good and expensive) Hanssens, Oud Beersel make very good Krieks. If you are close, drive up to Stateline Liquors in Elkton, MD, they have the best selection of Belgians I've ever seen.

    Also good, Cisco Monomoy Kriek, which you can find there.

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