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  1.  That's some crazy contrast right there. How many washes?


    not sure exactly. i bought them a while back form someone that had already worn more than i would usually want when purchasing a pair of jeans, so i dunno how many times he washed them. i dont really keep track of washes myself either but i would think twice by me.

  2. repost from the Samurai thrad regarding the fit of the new Denimio 710xx collab

    anyone get their denimio's yet? i went TTS and these things are kinda tight raw...mot looking forward to washing/shrinking them. for reference i bought a 30


    good thing i didnt go down 1




    here are my other Samurais

    0500 sz 29




    size 30


  3. In my opinion, they should have delayed shipment and sent an email to everyone to advise them of the sizing discrepancies.  


    That being said, they covered my return shipping, so I don't really care.  If I had ordered them hemmed, I'd be irate. 


    did they email you an invoice and fedex label to send the jeans back? the invoice park is confusing since i dont know if it needs to be attached to the outside of the package like USPS does or if i need to give it to a FEDEX worker who will take it from there like Denimio says to do 

  4. Awesome pics!


    Any problems about the returning process?


    if you are looking to exchange you have to purchase the new pair first and then return the old pair.


    to return you have to cart a return label or something that costs ~$20 and then return. I bitched and said that it was their fault that the jeans dont fit since their chart was wrong and after waiting a few days, they sent me a pre-paid label. i havent returned them yet using the label but it seems to be pretty straightforward. i was sent a label and a invoice which i have to show fedex when i drop off the jeans. never used fedex to do international shipping so i dunno about that part since i usually use USPS and fill out their custom forms.

  5. Yes, I went with 35. My old 710XX was 34 and the BKBs 35 (who were tight at first but after moving the button became my current best fitting pair). They have been shipped yesterday to my parents, so I won't get them before next week.


    I don't think the've been onewashed as the Geishas are washed as sewn jeans, not just the fabric (see the patch). If everybody's pair ran too small, denimio might do a general replacement maybe? If I had known this, I wouldn't have got mine hemmed - but then they told me the perfect measurements. Well, we'll see. Let's all not eat too much for christmas haha.


    (Still would love to see close ups of the arcs, coin pocket, selvage, slub etc)


    took these before i returned them for a larger size



  6. how does geisha denim stretch? anyone figure it out yet or know from experience?


    I asked Gordon he said the following


    The stretch will vary for each person but the average is around 1†or so in the waist with frequent wear and possibly a little more with prolonged wearing.
  7. Do you think they will be too tight after a soak? The geisha denim is still a mystery as far as soaking goes. Hopefully I'll get mine Monday.

    im assuming like any raw denim they will shrink. right now they fit just right, so even if they shrink a half inch everywhere its going to be painful for me.

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