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  1. Is it possible to get shrinkage in the waist with One wash denim in samurai. I purchased the so500xx and was in between sizes. I need the waist to shrink a little. Thanks in advance

    general rule for 0500 is to size down one because of the eventual stretching. if youre going to buy them a little lose they will probably stretch out more as they soften up. the other option is to just deal with them being uncomfortable for a while if you went with the smaller size. personally i would go with the bigger size and just deal with them being a little loose and hope they dont get too loose as they soften up. its not worth being uncomfortable.

  2. anyone know if the

    Samurai s5000AI-10SP have a lot of stretch? i bought a raw pair TTS and they measure out more like tag size raw so i think they will be too small once they are washed.

  3. how do you wear those? in what colors are your tops and shoes?


    i wear my pair more in the summer. once they start to fade they look like any other pair of worn paid of jeans but the purple weft does stand out

  4. Yeah, it's not for every one. The purple is very intense in sunlight too. I'm surprised my spouse lets me wear them.

    But I actually quite like them. Bit of a break from the ducks and indigos.


    welcome to the club

  5. from the SDA site http://www.dartisan.co.jp/library/library_36/


    Discoloration of SD-103 to satisfy the denim freak of the world

    Eye for an overflow Yawa machining denim in the market also Klez, denim lovers to choose the hard and tough "raw denim" is the best of the real thrill that boulder jeans "fall colors".

    The fact that the depth of the distinguished-dyed, among other replica jeans, greige (Kobata / woven as-dough) peculiar sense of ZARA, the firm waist of 15oz denim, produce attractive "fall colors" in, domestic denim lovers, of course, here in the last few years is reckoned to enthusiasts overseas, Ruchizan da studio classic "SD-100" series.
    Among them, to collect the support regardless of age and national boundaries, "SD-103 15oz tight straight". Beautiful silhouette is attractive not too thin.

    We are pleased to introduce, this one pulled out the charm of the "fall colors" of such SD-103 to the fullest.
    Wear at the time of Wash remains of half-dry, dry while shrink at the stove, that then also yelling to wear when you go to bed every day, reaching the point of the practice wear way, such as the classic jeans "fall colors supremacy". Discoloration of contrast and rough aging, indeed of force.
    If you want to enjoy the fall colors of the raw denim, it is one of the best masterpiece among classic Daruchizan to enjoy to the fullest from beginners to enthusiasts.

    The number of years / 1 year 5 months washing 5 times wear frequency / Daily











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