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  1. Thanks for all your input! The 557 will now get some new and well deserved love. Thanks a lot @mstax.

    Another jacket that i am considering parting with is this rather immaculate 70505-0317 Big E. No wear, tear og repair. Near perfect stitch integrity. 

    524 buttons, black bartacks under that flaps. Likely a late 60s/early 70s. As good as new. 

    Measures 59 cm p2p, 56,5 cm back w/o collar. 


    Any ideas regarding worth in todays market?

    Will post more photos tomorrow for preservation and documentation. 

    2022-10-17 10.24.12.jpg

    2022-10-17 10.24.09.jpg

  2. Thanks @Dr_Heech for giving me a reference. From what I'm seeing, the market has really become sort of a bubble - I can't even find Type IIIs without the price being way too high and in poor condition. I can't help but laugh at that 4400 $ price. Would ebay be the best place for me to sell it?

    If anybody here has any interest, feel free to shoot me a PM. If anyone is wondering, the chest is about 60 cm P2P

  3. A little backstory - back in 2016 I was really fortunate to get this one in deadstock condition. It was my first vintage piece and I was really over the moon since I got to be the one who could be the first wearer of this jacket. I knew that it would be worth more deadstock, but I didn’t care - they were made to be worn after all. Here are some pictures before, during and after the first soak.









  4. This 557xx never gots worn because it’s a tad too big for me. And since I got my size 46 transition, I don’t I’ll ever use it. I think it has excellent seam integrity, cuffs needs a small repair, no big deal. “O” buttons. 557xx label, so I’d say it’s a second gen jacket after the “Every garment guaranteed” one.

    How much would a jacket like this be worth?








  5. 51 minutes ago, Duke Mantee said:

    @Facini That’s starting to really show some great development - fantastic stuff!

    Thanks @Duke Mantee! It’s a brilliant leather made by a true artisan - can’t hurt the odds of it turning out good ;)

  6. Tried to capture some of the patina on my @Duke Mantee belt. Really hard to get the lighting right to make it really show. Couldn’t be happier with it. Maybe besides losing weight and the possibility of having it shorted soon, haha.







  7. Got myself a new watch after waiting for a suitable replacement for my old and busted CWC G-10.

    Praesidus A-11 Combat. If you are looking for a great repro for a strong price, this is it. Built in the US, Swiss Quartz movement. Combat is the 32mm one, true to the original but they do make them bigger. Upgraded the strap to an all black one, which I really think suits it.



  8. On 7/23/2022 at 11:03 AM, Topnotcher said:

    Want to buy the 1001xx heavy ounce but Bears and Warehouse doesn't ship to germany because the war in Ukraine.Any suggestions ?Thanks

    I believe that either or both  goteburg manufaktur or second sunrise (both in sweden) have them.

  9. From what I've seen, i'd probably guess that this jacket falls in the earlier part of that age range - newer labels seem more inconsistent somehow - different types and such. 

    There is for sure a difference in denim and also fit, but if i had a hole in my collection and a, say, '78 jacket came up in the right size and price - I'd jump for it anyway. I really do love the way these jackets fit. From the 557 to the later 70505-0217s. None of the more contemporary jackets (post 83 and repro) that I've tried have nailed the old Type III fit without going for the good ol' "Modernization" of making it longer in the body...

    If you are in the market for a Late 69/71 big E in a 42ish size, i could probably help you out, though. I think I've outgrown mine. 

  10. @Paul TThose old Kurabo jackets, weren't they T-backs? Unlike all the later iterations?

    Anyway, really dig the light blues of that denim... 9 or 10oz? Really love me some lightweight denim - there's a really supple feeling with that weight. 

  11. While in the process of moving, I dug out my old 44s. Started wearing these in 2019 till about sometime in start 2021 I think. Don’t fit anymore - maybe they are too small or I got bigger, haha. These are some of the more recents cone’s. Maybe some day I’ll be back in them.





  12. My San Antonio ‘55s are about a year into their rotation. There were a couple of months where it was out of rotation because I didn’t get around to repairing them. This denim is really something else. It’s been a pretty stubborn fader, but it’s really starting to come through now.





  13. On 4/9/2022 at 6:04 PM, pomata said:

    I'm super happy with the fit of the new 50s jacket, this is a size 44 and I can't think of a better cut for me. Impressive texture as well, hairy, soft and grainy. I'm loving it and I really can't take it off



    Amazing fit man. Say, did they change the cut to make it more period correct? I remember it as more modern. What does it measure in the back

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