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  1. 1 hour ago, volvo240thebest said:


    私は各競技者と彼の相対的なsufu / instagramアカウントの完全なリストを持っています!私はそれをここに公開することができますが、プライバシーの問題についてそれに対して誰も何も持っていません。



    Hi Volvo!  well understood.  Thank you very much.

  2. Good evening, everyone.  Are you on Instagram?  I don't know who is who on sufu or Instagram.  I have one request here.  If you are an Instagram user, can you enter the contest number in the comment field of your Instagram account “1188sft”?  I also want to know on Instagram.  Thank you very much.  Oh!  I want to make it a trademark of the contest participants, so please attach a cat face and airplane emoji!

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