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  1. thank you. I need to find a shop that will fix it on its own. So far, there is one shop where the light of hope can be seen.
  2. Hi everyone! My jacket was returned home with disappointing results. Some frayed parts were reinforced, but the essential "sleeves" and "elbows" were not repaired. If you use a patch cloth to repair the elbow, it will be thicker, so it seems that you can't do it with the sewing machine at tcb.
  3. yes! It was really dirty. Hahaha The wash water was pitch black.
  4. tcbS40's GENOA JEANS AJ1
  5. Good evening everyone. I washed my tcb50s woolen jacket for 6 hours. And I sent it to the tcb factory for repair. Expectation and anxiety are crowded about how it will be repaired.
  6. thank you! I would like to wash it on a sunny day off. I want to send it for repair as soon as possible.
  7. thank you! yes! I will definitely post it, so please wait for a while. I don't want to wash clothes that I've worn for 3 years for about 40 minutes in one wash, so I want to wash like crazy for about 6 hours.
  8. thank you! I am very happy to hear that.
  9. thank you! I would like to post after repair.
  10. Good evening everyone. Kochi Prefecture in Japan is a bit chilly in the mornings and evenings, but it warmed up considerably during the day. When I bought my tcb50's liner jacket, I vowed to wear it to work without washing it for three years. Those three years have passed. It was worn out here and there and needed repair. I plan to wash it once and send it in for repair. And now Japan is the most beautiful season.
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