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  1. Perhaps not technically "urban" techwear, but I'm looking to offload these:

    • Arc'teryx Alpha IS Jacket, Men's Medium, Magma: 770 USD (Retails for ~900 USD, before tax) 9/10
    • Arc'teryx Alpha SV Jacket, Men's Medium, Cardinal: 585 USD (Retails for ~750 USD, before tax) 9/10
    • Arc'teryx Alpha SV Bib, Men's Medium, Black: 480 USD (Retails for ~625 USD, before tax) 10/10 (brand new)
    • Arc'teryx Proton AR Hoody, Men's Medium, Smoke: 225 USD (Retails for ~350 USD, before tax) 9/10

    Pieces marked "9/10" condition have only worn a handful of times.

    Galleries available on request. I'm also open to offers, so please feel free to message me.

  2. 10 hours ago, Inkinsurgent said:

    i'm not sure the vexed aesthetic has aged well. there's something about nineties UK street culture that's very much bound to that specific time and place.

    I dunno man, I think a lot of stuff from that era makes a lot of sense, aesthetically, these days... what with the explosion of interest in “vintage” Lang, Sander, Prada more generally...

    I’m very tempted by that bag. It’s always been on my list, but that’s a bit pricy.

  3. 13 hours ago, BlueBook said:

    Does anyone have recommendation for metal wallets? Thanks 

    There's also the erlsn-approved Japanese brand Claustrum.

  4. 20 minutes ago, GUNDAM said:

    Noragi shirts? 

    Cba to spend Vivsim / ACR prices for one.

    Saw the sir plus ones but ideally want something that is crossbody rather than tie in the middle. Longsleeve.

    Thanks in advance 

    Most brands won't be "techwear" exactly, but Mittan might have what you're after (though they're dealing more in longer jackets rather than shirts, generally). You can usually snag them at an okay price on fromjapan or some other Japanese proxy site. No supplier in NA that I know of. In general, you can usually find more affordable options by browsing a magazine like GO OUT—I might have a look through my issues later, since I've also been considering getting something similar.

  5. So I’ve always been a bit baffled by the measurements given for Acronym’s sizing charts. Always assumed I was a medium, but when I tried on the J58 I found it too tight through the chest, and I’ve had a similar problem with some SISP jackets.

    So my question is: do you guys take the same size in Veilance that you do in Acronym? What about mainline Arc’teryx? I’m solidly a medium in both, so it would help to know how the two brands compare. One guy told me he sizes up for Acronym vs. Arc’teryx.

  6. So I’ve been on the hunt for a 3A-5TS-style hip belt for my 3A-1.

    First I spoke to Bagjack, and they told me they wouldn’t be able to make me one like what they make for Acronym (the hip belts for Bagjack are different)—I have to assume there’s some sort of contract preventing them from doing it. They told me to talk to Acronym instead.

    I just heard back from Acronym, and they’re saying they can’t sell the hip belt separately, and I’d have to buy the 5TS to get it.

    I’m bummed out, but I also have to wonder what would happen if someone lost/damaged the hip belt for their 5TS or 6TS. Would they not be able to purchase a replacement?

  7. 1 hour ago, brainerd666 said:

    The proof is in the pudding as they used to say. ACR is falling prey/fomenting precisely what he’s pointing out in that quote. 

    I'm not saying anyone's wrong or anything, but I still don't understand. He's very vague about the nature of the problem being discussed here—but I'm also having a hard time separating that part of the quote from its context (about design stealing). Acronym's not stealing designs, at least as far as I know. It's true, there have been lots of re-releases, but aren't those what many people have been asking for? More 3As? Many people haven't had the chance to grab this stuff till now. Reissuing old stuff (price increased or not) is not the same as stealing a jacket design.

    Honestly, if it were me, I'd ride the hype, make the easy money off re-releases, and save my new ideas for when things calmed down and I actually needed them.

  8. 4 hours ago, mariahscarry said:

    "Probably no one person is even responsible for it, but the whole system is under such pressure, even at that scale. They're under extraordinary pressure to keep up the pace. In my view, this is a broken system, in many ways." 2013 interview with E.  Link

    Yeah, that quote is about the Gucci ripoff though. What does that have to do with price hikes and materials?

  9. 5 minutes ago, darkart said:

    Just received the mods I ordered. Packing is nice and the changed their shipping box.

    3A-WB2 review: It is shorter than I thought. Take some effort to tighten the belt as it is thick web and stiff, still cant figure out the use of the hanging olive thread. 



    If you don't like it, let me know............. ;)

  10. 2 hours ago, bacontowel said:

    How does the j58ws compare to the mionn is from veilance? I want to get a insulator for my j1ts but not sure if i want to spend 1300ish for a j58 when i can get the alternative for half the price. 

    I've owned both. The Mionn is way slimmer—in my case I find it more flattering. The J58 has this permanently tightened elastic thing at the hem, and if you don't fill it out (if your hips are narrower than average) it tends to mushroom out in this awkward way.

    That being said, the J58 is made with Climashield, which is way more breathable than the regular Coreloft that Veilance tends to use (mainline Arc sometimes uses "Coreloft Continuous," which is more like the stuff used in the J58). As far as warmth goes, I couldn't tell you which is warmer (though everyone says the J58 is insanely warm, and I've found the Mionn prohibitively warm for conditions above 7 degrees celsius).

    Finally, I'd point out that the J58 uses windstopper, which is not technically waterproof, but is going to deal with rain and snow much more effectively than the light windbreaker material used in the Mionn, so I'd say the J58 might do better as a standalone jacket...

  11. 22 minutes ago, X.bee said:

    I think he was joking bro. You quoted a post from 2007.

    Now I'm confused af. Has anyone actually seen the J61-AH? Can't find pics, though it looks like Errolson is folding one in the Roborace video...

  12. Has anyone had the chance to check out the Adam Harvey exhibit at the German Spy Museum? Apparently Acronym did a one-off anti-drone jacket collab (a pick of the tag was posted on this thread a while ago—the "J61-AH"), and it's on display there...

  13. 53 minutes ago, Appleseed said:

    Shit, I might have to take that back - I'm def. thinking of the belt @Danwise just posted (3A-WB1). @junkie_dolphin was that sold during a different season? The Set's were all packaged, and you couldn't buy pieces separately (even if the items came in their own baggies (just like the Suspensor items!)). The pic from that Grailed listing clearly shows 3A-WB2 as being part of Set-2 and Set-3.

    You got me, I'm a idiot and didn't look closely at the bag for that final pic. Errolson told me (via insta, I think, though maybe twitter?) that the 3A-WB2 had come with the sets, but he didn't mention anything earlier than that. the 3A-WB1 is in Fujiwara's book Personal Effects.

    I have more archival pics around somewhere... My records say it was released as part of FW04/05.

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