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  1. Looking to sell a J58-WS, size medium. Unworn, tried on once (it's too small for me), with tags, sheet, bag, box.


    Just looking to get my money back on this one, and thought I'd offer it to you guys first.


    950 USD, which includes shipping within Canada or US—if you're somewhere else we can work out the cost. I can ship tomorrow.

  2. Selling:



    - from this past drop

    - great shape, used for a few weeks but without any visible harm to the bag

    - comes with bag and sheet


    I'm just looking to get my money back on this one. Nice bag, but I probably can't afford to keep it.


    ~800 USD.


    PM me if you're interested. Thought I'd post here first before going to Grailed (though I do have an account, if you'd like to check my history). Pics available on request.


    SOLD! Thanks guys!

  3. Having a hard time deciding between the J50-S and the J58-WS. I kind of wish the J58 had internal JacketSling-compatible pockets like the J50—and I'm not sure about the Gabardine vs. Windstopper—could anyone who knows both fabrics weigh in on the pros/cons?

  4. Hey guys—two questions for someone new to buying Acronym.


    1. On the 3a-1 page it says 8 pockets total—5 external, 3 internal. I understand that the 3 internals are hanging inside the big main pocket, but I only count 4 external pockets—the big main pocket, the two compression pockets, and the waterproof pocket on the right side. Am I mistaken? Is there a fifth one somewhere? Mine will be here soon anyways, but I thought I'd ask.


    2. I can't make heads or tails of the measurements on the J58 page. I usually have to size up to accommodate my shoulders (I'm pretty slim—6'1", 170 lb—but I have ~18" shoulders ptp). I wear a size M Veilance Mionn IS, but it's a little loose through the chest. Should I size for M with the J58, or size down? Insane as it sounds, I'm considering ordering two sizes just to be safe, given how quickly things sold out this year.


    Thanks in advance!

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