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  1. 5 minutes ago, shihcity said:

    Mk1 will be too big. Exchanged my mk1 for a mk3 for this very reason 

    Is it perfect? Snug fit? How practical is it, having to undo all those buckles just to get at the MK3?

  2. Question about the 3A-5TS:

    On images of the 3A-6TS I can see that the 3A-MK3 fits nicely between its compression buckles. It looks like the 3A-MK1 is a little too big to fit between them. Is the space between compression buckles the same on the 3A-5TS? In other words, could one fit the MK3 between buckles on the 5TS?

    More broadly speaking, what kind of modulars do you guys use on the 5TS/6TS? Thinking about different options right now.

  3. WTS some Veilance, all BNWT:

    Conduct Anorak, Loden, Medium
                - 325 USD
    Field Overshirt, Black, Medium
                - 225 USD
    Sinter IS, Black, Medium (SAMPLE)
                - 380 USD
    Align MX Pant, Black, 30
                - 200 USD

  4. Some immediate thoughts on the CP4-WS:

    - It's extremely light and thin; creasing doesn't seem to be a problem out of the box (I was worried I'd have to steam it before wearing it, but no). No question this thing is supremely packable, and I'll likely be stashing it in my 3A-1 for days when it's threatening to rain.

    - Not sure how much rain this thing will be able to take; what's the practical wisdom regarding windstopper and water resistance?

    - "Half cover mode" is not as symmetrical as I thought it would be, zipped up. From the pictures I got the impression the zipper would rest perpendicular to the floor; in reality, it rests slightly diagonally (check the photos on the mothersite—it's not just Lenny's lean).

    - "Full cover mode" is how I'll likely be using this piece most of the time. The site provides instructions on how to orientate the cape for this mode, but I just reach up and centre the hood with both hands, and the cape sort of falls into place. If I haven't put my right arm through the jacket sling before switching to this mode, the weight from the sling will pull the hood clockwise and mess up the alignment. Not a huge problem, as I expect I'll be using the sling a fair bit.

    - The snap near the wrist is only on the left side. I'm not sure what it's for; I'd thought it might be to keep the cape from rotating on its own, but so far I haven't had that issue. Furthermore, keeping it snapped seems to mess up the drape a little bit; the cape looks better when the snap isn't done up.

    - It's quite long. I'm 6'1"; when I'm wearing it in jacketsling mode, the sling needs to be totally tightened, or there's a risk it'll touch the floor (Lenny's shorter than me, and you can see how low it goes when he has it fully tightened).

    - The "one size" aspect is wonderful; it allows me to wear this over basically anything. I tried it over my Graph Cardigan and my Mionn IS Jacket with no issues at all. It also fits over my 3A. I suspect the right side was left intentionally longer than the left to accommodate bag use (after all, the hood could have been placed on the other side of the zipper—they had a choice).

    - Hood adjusters work like a dream. The hood itself provides lots of coverage.


  5. FWIW, it looks like the image has been removed from the site, so I'll take that as an indication that someone higher up doesn't want people seeing it; so, deleted.

  6. 18 hours ago, jeddyhsu said:

    Have you not learned from my mistake LOL

    I had to go back through your post history to see that there was drama surrounding that. Wow, people here are fucking retarded. No wonder no one posts here anymore.

  7. 7 minutes ago, dolvn said:

    the new backpack in the gq interview looks like a backpacking backpack. like it's got a detachable brain, maybe comes with some hip support. like at least 65 liter capacity.

    would be cool if he released a smaller backpack so i can replace my 12 year old mission workshop backpack lolol.

    I don’t see a brain on it. Am I missing a photo somewhere?

    To me it looks like a large x-pac duffle—possibly those backpack straps can be stashed away. The lack of visible hip belt also indicates to me that this is not a dedicated backpack. Could be totally wrong though.

  8. 50 minutes ago, dtradish said:

    Anyone know if align mx will be re released in fw19? I'm a size 31 and trying to buy from veilance directly but they recently restocked a bunch of sizes not including 31 :(

    Yes, in black and laver (dark green).

  9. 4 hours ago, drgitlin said:

    On the J22 at least, the sleeve hitch tab doesn’t line up perfectly so there will be a bit of a twist. Also, you need to slide the forearm up under the shoulder part of the sleeve, rather than scrunching it up, because of the zippers for the gravity pockets. 

    Some jackets have a different style of sleeve hitch where there’s a little loop at the elbow where you feed the sleeve hitch through before closing it. 



    I can’t rep this enough. Thank you for explaining.

  10. I may actually keep mine... haven't fully decided yet. I'm sort of coming around to it. A couple of things thought...

    1. Yeah, the hitch tabs—I've read what people have said on here in the past, but I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I'm velcroing to what. Is it the cuff flap that I'm pulling up and sticking to the tab? Anything else seems sort of insane (I'd have to twist the sleeve quite a bit to get the tab to touch the female velcro panel at the cuff). Am I pulling the sleeve up over the elbow, or just under? So far I can really only manage the latter.

    2. Have people found that stotz softens with time? Does it stretch out at all? I'd expect it to... but right now it's really stiff.

    3. The pocket number on the mothersite is wrong—there are actually 6 pockets (2 gravity, 2 hand, 1 map, 1 mezzanine behind the map).

    4. I'm finding the fit slim, but not overly so. It's weirdly similar to the current Veilance Field LT, actually... it feels slim when you put it on, but it can actually handle a Mionn IS underneath without much trouble.

    5. These cuffs don't tighten as much as I'd like, without there being considerable male velcro flap hanging off. Is there a trick to this?

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