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  1. I just saw the new season has appeared on the website! Love the pictures! Tell us more!! In particular, is the type 900 jacket exactly the same as the original or are there any changes? Also, will we possibly see the coat version as well [915 was it?]?

  2. I just saw some of the new season stuff is slowly making its way onto the website - looks awesome! Love the look book!

    @redragon, William will correct me, but I think the crystal is acrylic (not sapphire), so a bit of toothpaste should get rid of any light scratches. Just apply a little bit and rub it with a clean cloth.

  3. On 22/10/2018 at 12:06 PM, Foxy2 said:

    not sure if this more than a single watch (or a handful at best) - seems to have been a vintage watch with a new dial for some type of raffle/gift at Samurai with an entry on the Samurai blog...easy to google.

    That’s as much as I could find as well - the rest of the results seems to be in Japanese.

    Today I’m wearing my Timor WWW. It’s not quite a submariner - but definitely one of my favourite watches with some cool history.


  4. @MJF9 the shirt is tender.

    They seem to get a lot of their fabrics from India and work closely with producers both there and Thailand as well. They do a good job of covering it all on Instagram stories. I really like the khaki dye they’ve used for this season, which they’ve apparently worked to produce for some years.

  5. Any love for story mfg? I like a lot of their stuff. I especially like their use of natural dyes and oversized/relaxed fits. 

    Just gave these a first wash. They’ve been dyed with natural indigo and the construction is excellent.






  6. On 23/09/2018 at 10:52 AM, rodeo bill said:

    Seems like the right thread for these, Buddy Lee oversized doll's jeans:



    I missed out on these when they released (student at the time). I really like the shirts as well. Wish they’d bring this line back.

  7. Here’s my USN shawl neck or deck jumper.

    The denim is really nice and crisp at first, then it softens up and becomes even better. Amazing fabric. The little details like the kasuri lined pockets and the fact that it’s all made by hand on old Union machines makes this quite special.

    I’m also eyeing up their wabash jacket and the new tapered fit. If anyone has pics of those, I’d love to see them.


    [edit: I've tried to add the same html to the pictures below but I can't seem to save the changes for some reason - the links still work though]





  8. The best thing about Panerai for me is the choice of straps. My wrist just can’t do the 44-47mm cases - and the smaller ones just don’t look ‘right’ to me. Now if I looked like Stallone, it would be different altogether...B)

  9. On Hamilton - I really like them. I prefer their khaki designs, especially the non date, over similar priced seikos. Yes it’s part of a bigger conglomerate - but that’s just the reality of the watch buisiness. At least they use their scale to deliver good value to customer (khaki models can be had retail for £250ish), other companies use the same scale to push up margins and pretend they make ‘luxury’. So overall good value I think.

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