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  1. It is already open if you go to the workshop as it serves as a Flagship store and I think is open every day. The best is to kindly ask Mr Hajime Inoue on instagram a couple of days before. He could even get you from the train station with his own car as he did for me. I advise you to also go in Kurashiki where the old school town vibe is top notch. And there also are some denim and indigo shop there. I've seen the jeans with the strangest back pockets in one of the shops :


  2. 10 minutes ago, 501XX4EVER said:

    Lot 800 are always 14.5 to the best of my knowledge.

    Thanks ! The denim feels and look different from the most recent batch of 800 I’ve seen at BurgAndSchild which was slightly slubbier and with more nep. I’m not a warehouse expert at all. Anybody have any other clue ? What about the buttons ?

  3. Got myself a basically brand new second hand warehouse on yahoo auction. I was wondering what denim is it made of? Banner denim or the 14.5 oz ? My model is a 800 with the actual patch but the buttons are a bit different than the actual model. The denim feels really light, more light than TCB 50. Almost like the XX from OOE. Some slub, essentially horizontally. Feels different than the banner denim from my 2002XX jacket. No red tab and the batch tag is cut off. Any clue?



  4. Some indigo canvas pants from the japanese house "Dova". I really like how the canvas texture appears with time and delivers different fades from indigoXindigo denim fabric.

    • JacketS: Visvim
    • Shirt and pant: BonneGeule (French brand that started as a blog but has now a great line of clothes. Most of which is often with Japanese fabrics at a really good price.)
    • Boots: Trusty Oakstreet Bootmakers







  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342