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  1. Just thought I'd share my recent experience with Onu costumer service. I had some troubles with me Ankle pants(I was probably to blame). I sent some pics and within hours I were offered a new pair, free of charge. Great guys making some cool stuff!

  2. One of the pockets on my Field SV jacket is coming loose on the inside(lower pocket). I'm guessing I can fix it easily myself? 

    I've emailed with Arcteryx and they'll fix it for free, but I'd rather do it myself and not have to wait for weeks. I use the jacket often. 

    Sny recommedations on glue and technique? 

  3. Veilance pants just don't fit me! I've tried the Liminal pants, Apparat and Voroni. The top block is always nice and fits well but it's always too tight in the calf area. Oh well!

    I have a pair of Liminal sz. 32 for sale. $150USD Worn about 5 times!



  4. Does anyone have any experience with the elastic band around the neck on the Nemis curling up and loosing elasticity? A friend of mine has the jacket(from a couple of seasons back I think) and it happened to his pretty fast. Is this a known problem?

  5. Techwearis going to be ruined in 3..2..1..


    On a ralated note;

    I just saw this hat, wasn't aware of it. Apparantly from fw16, Herschel Supply(only good thing they've made)



  6. This is kind of off topic and kind of on topic:


    I have a sweater project and I'm thinking of adding magnets for headphones(like Acronym jackets have), but how strong can the magnets be before they start messing up the headphones?

  7. I got the Onu Ancle pant yesterday!

    I've only worn them for half a day, but here are some of my first impressions:

    I went tts(sz. 32), and I'm glad I did. I'm 6'3"(192cm) at around 180lbs(82kg) with an athletic build.. The pants are rather slim and articulated. I have plenty of room in the waist but they're pretty thight at the thighs. The side of the waistline are elastic, wich is pretty nice. But due to the roominess of the waist i have to wair a belt, so it doesn't really come to use. They are true ancle pants. I have rather short legs for my heights, but the pants are still short.

    The material is a scholler material. it's about 68% cotton and has a cotton feel, but is a bit stiff and noisey. I wish there was a but more stretch. There is a tiny amount of two-way stretch, but it's barely noticeable. I used the pants cycling yesterday, and the lack of stretch combined with the short legs made the pants ride u my legs. But the leg is articulated enough, so it still fits well. The fit pics on the Onu website gives a good look at how they fit for me.

    The build quality and overall quality is good. The seams are taped and there are some nice details, like the elastic waist band, the belt loops are nice. They front zipper is a nice and hefty YKK zipper.

    Style wise there pants fit in with stuff like Veilance. It's more casual than other tech stuff. But I still feel like I can use them with Qasa's as well as Common Projects. Overall I'm really happy with the pants so far.

  8. Valeri Vargas of course! She's probably booked up for a good while, but it's worth a shot!

    The guys at Frith Street, Bradley Thomkins beeing my favorite!

  9. Just checking the interest:

    I have a pair of barely worn(less than 10 times, cold washed once) pair of Liminal pants, sz 32 in new black.

    I'll let them go for about 200USD + shipping. PM me for details

  10. 16 hours ago, Sike said:

    Any stores/other I should check out in Oslo or Copenhagen?

    Like some of the other guys said, check out Eger for a very limited sellection of Veilance, some Stone Island and NikeLab. Check out Yme for Y-3, Stone Island, NikeLab and other fashion stuff.


    Not that much good tech wear stuff here in Oslo!

  11. For sale is a pair of used Alden 403 "Indy" Chromexcel, sz. US10. With NEW SOLE 


    The shoes have been used but have recently been resoled at the alden factory. The whole sole and welt were replaced with a new one. The upper is in great condition, and have tons of life left.

    Shoe: Alden 403 "Indy" Chromexcel

    Size: US10D, Trubalance last

    Condition: Sole: 10/10, Upper: 7.5/10

    Price: 350USD - Open for reasonable offers

    Shipping: 35-40USD, depending on location.

















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