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  1. Eddy Deutsche for sure! One of the legends!!


    Bob Roberts, also a legend!


    Shon Lindauer, High Seas Tattoo Parlor is cool!


    Those are off the top of my head, I'll post more if anyone else comes to mind!


    You're not far from tattoo mecca SF though!

  2. Right now I'm using my Field Jacket SV with an Atom LT as a liner. But it's not warm enough for norwegian winters.


    Does anyone have any experience with warmer isulation jackets from Arcteryx? I've been eyeing the Thorium AR. I will be using it in temperatures around -10/-15C(14/5 farenheit)

  3. I just noticed that the lower front pocket in my Field Jacket SV is coming loose on the inside. Is this an easy fix or should I contact Arcteryx and send it back for a repair? The jacket is less than two years old.

  4. Tried them on at 21 M the other day and so disappointed with the quality . Zipper on display pair was already broken  :mellow:  Really wanted a pair of these.



    Yeah! They look like a knock-off version of the Diemme Fontesi!

  5. For sale is a pair of DS, unused, new i box, Diemme Fontesi black Kudu sz. UK11(comes with shoe bag)


    Shoes come with original box and are DS

    I'm located in Norway and will ship worldwideAll prices in USD. I will always ship double boxed. Shipping from Norway will be about $30-$40 depending on your location. I only do Paypal

    Questions and offers can be sent by PM or to mariusr.andersen (AT) gmail.com

    Serious offers only.


    Diemme Fontesi Kudu

    Size: UK11

    Condition: DS

    Price: $270











  6. Got my Liminal pants the other day. And damn right are they tight at the calfs! I don't really feel it when standind up and walking, but definatley feel it when sitting down! Nothing i can't live with though.


    The top block is perfect. True to size in the waist. But I may need to get them hemmed a bit shorter.

  7. Not sure if this is the right place to post this.


    I've been inspired by 1000Deaths on Instagram lately, and I want to do some clothes modification.


    I'm looking to do something similar to the Champion hoodie he did. Does anyone have any zipper recommendations?


    Something not too heavy, easy to unzipp and maybe opening from both ends. Something available on Ebay or similar is preffered!

  8. He's also coming to Hamburg and I'm trying to get an appointment with him.



    You should! He's a great guy! And lightning fast as well. He'll probably be able to squeeze you in.

  9. Chad Koeplinger is coming back to Oslo in the end of September! So I had to book in with him. He's most definitely on of my favorite tattooers right now! 

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