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  1. Just got back from Tokyo and my appointement with Toshi. He's super nice guy and great tattooer. Highly recommended.


    This was my first time with tebori. It was different. Hard to explain. It was more like a burn.


    I went with something super classic for my first japanese tattoo


  2. Just came back from there. Didn't have any luck either; especially the L sizes. (same with and Wander & the Tilak+ stuff). My theory is: Stuff sold out in days/months when it came out, or, since most shops in their dealers list carry a ton of brands/styles or are small, Stock. Best selection was in a store in Fukuoka, but were talking 4/5 items.


    Edit: Oshman's @ Shinjuku Station had a few ss shirts.


    Ah, and Descente has some cool stuff going on with their Allterrain jackets and Blanc line, if your frame isn't too large.



    I went to En Route in Ginza today. They had the Karu pants, the Shu Zak short and the Duo Tee. All in navy. I'm looking for black. No luck in the other stores listed as sellers.


    on another note I bought pair of Civilized pants. Don't really know too much about the brand but they have som cool stuff.

  3. Trying to find a store in Tokyo with a good selection of Alk Phenix. But I can't really seem to find any! Any suggestions?


    Any other suggestions of storea in Tokyo with a urban good tech selection?

  4. Heads up that Ssense's sale has started and there are some good Veilance sales. Just picked up the Field Jacket that I've been ogling over for the last year.


    Too slow :( I checked on the Apparats like 1 hour ago, and there was plenty left! Now all sold out! Aaah

  5. poc helmets look the best and also are one of the safest. or grab on of the airbag neckgaiters.


    Poc is far from the safest. This is a common misconseption. I'm an acttice cyclist, and I've seen plenty of crashed Pocs.They rearely perfome well.

    A good friend of mine works in the bike industry designing helmets, and from what he tells me I will never wear a Poc.

  6. oof, thought the caad was a 56 for some reason. I'm about 5'10"



    Personally I think a size 56 would be way too big for you. I think a 54 would fit you perfect. A 56 would be too long and tall, and you would have to ride with a short stem and almost no drop.

  7. Finally close to buying my first road bike. Looking at a few options on craigslist and also an allez on eBay. Don't think I'll every want to race or anything and just want something I can ride pretty casually then build up to longer rides. Do these look decent?






    Know I'll also want to get shoes and pedals.  Anything else I should look for/know? A few years ago I was riding a fixed gear non-stop and doing a lot of rides around 40-50 miles so know a small amount about basic maintenance and such



    How tall are you? Because those bikes are two different sizes.

  8. Can anyone help me out with sushi recommendations?


    I'm okay with spending up to 20.000Yen. I'm not staying at a hotel so I can't get anyone there to help me book for me. So something easily attainable would be nice.


    I'll take suggestion in all price ranges! Cheep stuff too.

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