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  1. Glad I washed my field jacket! Feels like new again. I used Nik Wax's Tech wash & TX Direct.


    and a question regarding regular Arc'teryx: is there any difference between the Leaf Atom LT jacket and the regular Arc'teryx one? Is the logo the only difference?

  2. Kind of intrigued by the Isaora IR Voyager down jacket! Looks good. But i'm turned of the all the comments regardind the sub par quality of Isaora. I really want a down jacket like that. Any other sugestions around the same price? Max $500-600

  3. Not Vailance but; I'm thinking of getting either a Atom AR or and Atom LT to use as an insulator under my Feild Jacket LT. Recommendations? And whats the best stand alone jacket?


    Getting a Mionn IS would also be great, but on a bit of a budget.

  4. I mostly shoot analog but sometimes I want a digital camera to bring with me on trips and also use as a daily shooter. Right now I have a whole bunch if different cameras up for consideration. So for people who has used or own any of these cameras feel free to share insight.


    Right now my list consist of a whole bunch of different types of cameras:


    Sony S120 - Obviously very small and super portable. 

    Panasonic LX100 - good image quality but a bit skeptical with viewfinder

    Sony RX100 IV(or any of the other)

    Fujifilm X100T


    And open to other cameras.


    Right now I'm leaning towards the X100T. As it's closest to my M6(size, feel, type of photography)

  5. too bad man. he's awesome


    He's supposedly coming back in October/November so I think I'll book in with him again! Chad Koeplinger is also coming back here in October so might book with him as well! And I really want to get my chest started this fall!

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