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  1. I feel like year long waiting lists is kind of bullshit! There's lots of really big names that doesn't have two year longs waiting lists. It depends on how they book appointements. Valerie Vargas for example opens her books twice a year and books for the next 6 months. No long waiting lists. Other artist for example only books for 3 weeks at a time.


    Surely som of the artist warrants long waiting lists, but sometimes I feel like it's a gimmick and a way of keeping the really commited customers. I guess there's plusses and minuses with all methods

  2. Probably gonna get my elbow pit done in 5 days, can't imagine that it is going to be fun lol


    I don't have my whole ditch tattooed, but big parts of it on one of my arms. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be! Good luck though!

  3. Really nice FLDenim!


    Thanks guys! 


    @Max Power, so far it's pretty much healing like any other tattoo I have(I'm only 3 days in though), but not any more color than usual came out!

  4. The first real tattoo I got was on my thigh and it's been the by far most painfull tattoo to get so far. All the others are on my arms, so not really any bad spots. Even though the dagger close to my armpit hurt!

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