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  1. Some good stuff in the mailbox today:



    From almostnice. Not sure what he was trying to say here. Possibly some sort of cottaging implication. Also an agreeably explicit message written on official Redwing stationary. Thanks old man! But does admin now about your pornographic use of the company letterhead?

    More G-rated- a vintage T:


    and some other nice bits from robbie, including a National Geographic from 1955 showing some of the quirks of the time:


    Insecurity. Could have used this as a flyer to drop from planes in Afghanistan, might have soothed some nerves? No, probably not.



    Preoccupation with monkeys.


    Sex and space.


    Proper grooming!

  2. Today the RxCs were extras in a walking Haunted Tenderloin tour. Tendelorin in SF= Skid Row, more or less, but is just adjacent to several very posh areas of SF.


    Part of the tour. We had to shadow them in costume for several blocks, always maintaining a discrete distance.


    A helpful on-looker who kept singing Hari Krishna chants.


    More onlookers who were actually more looked-at.


    Random architecture.



  3. Pretty sure it's Levis x Filson. See it here.

    Exactly right. It's a great work vest. Has pockets I haven't even used yet, whereas usually I have vest/jacket pockets over-filled to bursting.

    Looking very good Dr_Heech. Groundskeeping is good for denim.

    I just realized after posting yesterday- only two months to go! Doesn't really seem like ten months already...

  4. Shots from the Levi's plaza store from last week:




    A nice slim fitting chore coat made out of some leftover Cone duck, same one used for the LVC 1873-1900 duck trousers &hunting coat/vest. Thick wool lining. Apparently made in very limited numbers, and made in the USA.


    Handmade horsehide boots from Al's Attire in San Francisco.



    Old War Horse mocs from Oregon.

  5. Yeah, their tagging overall is screwy, but I think most of us here have figured out what we need as far as waist and rise goes and when dealing with a knowledgeable shop (i.e. one that knows how to use a tape measure) we can get what we want.

    I hear you- it certainly is possible to get what you want that way, but maybe it shouldn't require so much research and effort to get a pair of expensive jeans that measure what they are tagged to measure?

    I also have wondered if, like you say, the designers skew the actual measurements to get a period fit, but certainly every 32" waist LVC I've tried on doesn't work. I take a 32"tagged in most years of the '55, a 34" tagged in most batches of '47s, with pre '30s jeans I take anywhere from a 30" to 36" tagged according to model and batch, not for a slimmed down look but for a relatively authentic period fit. So if the designers are going for a uniform post-shrink period fit with their odd sizing, I would have to call that experiment failed.

  6. My biggest sizing problem was a 333 I bought tagged 32 waist. It was a 'Broken Raw' wash and so pre-shrunk. Actual waist size was over 35", but according to Levi's standard advice to size up two for rigid, should have been a 30, hence just over five inches over-sized. That one soured me on LVC for some while.

  7. I suppose cotton duck has s a point there. This is the LVC thread, so I guess we should talk about LVC. To bring it back on point let's discuss the most talked about facet of the brand: their inability to size properly.

    I hear those new '22s are three inches oversized. Pretty sloppy. How much effort does it take to measure the product and, if the sizing isn't right, replace the tags?

  8. 'Two Tone' & Togs sold. Beat Brown & blanket-lined 506 sales pending.

    Probably no one will take my word, but the 'Lone Pine' is really kind of a standout. Most convincing LVC jacket repro I've seen to date, or maybe tied with the Menlo I. The non-Aero jackets probably won't take as much abuse as those Aero tanks, but they look much more like actual old jackets. More, dare I say, Poetic.

  9. Roy6

    You've had a little sort out through you're (vast) jacket collection?

    It's good to have a purge now and again.

    How come you're selling the Lvc A-1 style 30's jacket ?


    It's a little big on me, and you know how I get about that sort of thing.

    It is nice to purge every now and then, isn't it? My closet rod is thanking me. :)

  10. very nice pick up... almost too nice looking to wear with jeans.

    What! No such thing.

    Crownzip- I got a medium, and am 6' with a 40" chest. I tried on a small, and while it went on okay and fits well enough in the body, the sleeves were a bit short and the shoulder seams rode up too far.

    I wish it were made in the USA too. While I was out the other day I had the chance to see some Engineered Garments pieces that looked amazing- I believe they are all made in NY, and their prices were similar to LVCs. Also saw a bunch of RRL stuff- every single piece was made in China. Probably not any lesser quality, but Made in China just grates on the nerves these days, doesn't it? Not that Turkey or Portugal is necessarily any less exploitive.

    Of course, I'm typing on my Mac keyboard, so maybe I should just shut up.

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