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  1. I'm quite a bit younger than Robbie, and although cigars and pipes have interested me I've never smoked. Maybe it is a generational thing... That said, excluding those that do opera all of my friends smoke.


    Old enough to remember Morrissey, though, huh.

    I only smoke on occasion. It is nice now and then, often. Other times it randomly just seems gross and I put it right out. Stress levels maybe?

  2. DSC08147.JPG



    Fit pics of raw 1955 501 33x36

    What do you guys think?

    Will this shrink enough to give me a fairly slim fit?

    Then again, I can't go down below 33 due to waist..

    If they are snug at the waist now, that's the best you can do. With '55s you generally need the smallest size you can fit raw for a slim after-soak fit.

  3. ^I bought some LVC from the Jingo store a while back, this looks like the last of that same batch. The 201s I got were true to tagged size and didn't shrink on soaking, were from 2007. The washed '55s 'Roaring pride" were IIRC 3" over tagged size.

  4. (*barfs in corner... lady needs to drop a few lbs before she parades around in lingerie online).


    I think Brits must like that sort of thing.

    edit- maybe an item for repro in the LVC S/S 2012 ladies line?

  5. ^Carhart too- though sometimes it works vice-versa.

    Probably I should not pick on my favorite Ebay girl again so soon, but this really grabbed me:


    What a deal! A crappy, sloppily over-sized mass-market Levi's jacket made in China from the '90s for only $300!

    No wait, on sale ONLY $150!!

    And In a rare size Hermaphrodite Large! I better go post this in Superdenim deals...

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