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  1. The workwear worship is similar for me to the "Greatest generation" worship we had a few years back (Sorry to any non-US who don't know about the huge "Greatest generation" trend we had here). It get's a little unseemly for us modern day wimps to romanticize situations were people paid with their lives or large parts of their lives or lived with misery day after day by wearing clothes. I get it when something is good looking and functional but when it was something that worked in situations that no longer exist I'm off the script. That's imho anyway.

    I certainly hear your point. I have some distressed stuff from LVC and generally enjoy it. But I appreciate the perversity of the whole situation- a company now based in the UK which reproduces American workwear, some distressed in a manner which suggests a lot of suffering on the part of the wearer of the original garment, and marketed to well-off westerners to wear around modern cities to mostly white collar jobs.

    The absurdity of it is actually a kind of a part of the company's charm, to me.

  2. Thanks erk & Paul T.

    How does the denim on the current(est) US/EU model compare to that of the Japanese '33?

    RRLsD- I had a pair of the Japanese 44's a while back, and you're right- the denim does look very similar to those.

  3. I had a request for clearer fit pics (ahem...sorry) and some closeups of the LVC Japan '33s I posted here recently. Here are better (hopefully) fit pics and some detail shots.

    I gather from listening to the conversation here that LVC USA/Europe used to use primarily Japanese manufacture denim, but now has switched to mostly Cone denim. Do I have that right? Reason I ask- the denim on these '33s is really nice- very dark, almost black, and very, very fuzzy (look at the closeup of the denim). I was wondering if the US made '33s have the same denim, and if so, where it was produced.

    Anyone know?







  4. i had a look through the thread for some 44 fit pic's and couldnt realy find many, could someone mabie link some that they know of ,thanks for any help . Ive been stuck between a japanese repro or the lvc's and still dont know what to go for


    I don't have any fit pics of these '44s, and no longer have them, but maybe you can tell something about the fit from these pictures.

    For what its worth, they were probably the most comfortable of any LVC jeans I've had, but I never cared much for the way they looked. I liked the high rise, but the crotch and ass were always super baggy on me while the legs had a much closer fit. The waist was my actual size, so I probably would have liked these better if I had downsized some and stretched the waist out, though I guess then the legs would have been kind of tight.

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