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  1. LOL I know! and its not even an old type 3 like the one on the link! The pawn stars one is a small patch type iii late 60's at best, early 70's more likely! Gotta love the $350 valuation too! I wish!

    $350 was just the amount he gave the seller! Talked about it being worth $500!!!! Would go for about $80 on ebay.

  2. Sports-tog jacket I bought from roy6.

    It is just a bit small, but the color is great.

    Because is cut very trim, it seems to work better with a dress shirt than a work shirt.


    Looks great! I think this is a little better slightly down-sized, so as to cut down on the voluminous seat area.

    May as well xpost final contest pics as well. I wish more results would come in!



    Brilliant! Giving setter man a run for the money,

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