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    And if some asswipe who barely posted wins I'll be pissed.

    I think robbie was probably joking around here, and encouraging said slackers to post some pics. Since we'll all be voting on the final five contestants to submit to the judges (is that right dkatz?), everyone will get their say. Since the judges probably won't have followed the thread as closely as we have, maybe that is the time to reward the "intangibles", those qualities the contestants brought to the contest which you wouldn't see just looking at the jeans.

    Speaking of the judges, the lineup has changed slightly:

    Carl Chiara (formally of Levi's/LVC)

    Ralphe Tharpe (formerly of Cone)

    ringring (currently of ringing)



    Christophe Loiron (of Mister Freedom).

    Mr. Chiara and Mr. Loiron were gracious enough to participate, and I imagine they both know a well worn pair of jeans when they see one. They both looked through the thread and had nice things to say about the jeans and their respective journeys.

    Mr. Tharpe hasn't confirmed yet, but if he can't do it Roy will.

  2. Hey afusmc, no, the loons are definitely warm weather pants, and I haven't been able to give them any love at the mo. I am hoping to wear them regularly to work next summer/fall. Or maybe I'll start wearing them on top of another pair, olde west style. Yours?

  3. ^I like it too, Daniel. You're in charge of the voting process, says I.

    We should emerge with 5 finalists to submit to the celebrity judges, who are actually:

    Carl Chiara, who started and ran LVC for some time

    Ralphe Tharpe (possibly, or failing him then Roy S.), who worked at Cone for some time and who we all owe a "thank you"

    & ringring, Ringring is ringring.

  4. None of the LVC models are really that close to the modern 501 cut, unless you go out to the '83 model. '55 has a huge ass, '47 has a roomy seat but really tight thighs, '44 has huge thighs. Maybe a sized down '37 would be closest? Plus a bonus- the cinch.

  5. I'm in for the swap!

    Illumin8em, sorry to hear about that. You would have done them justice. Don't give up entirely, though. Shipping to/from Italy is the worst, hands down, and things can turn up randomly many months later.

    More from this week. Thanksgiving day:

    The Colonel's driveway:





    After dinner the family and I watched a rerun of my Mother-in-law's favorite show, featuring dancing celebrities:


    My mother-in-law offered up (with absolutely no provocation from me, honestly) "It's like watching a cow on ice skates".


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