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  1. my biggest beef with pho is most places that serve it do so in tiny bowls, hardly any noodles and gotta get around 3 bowls to be sufficiently filled up. A pho meal is pretty costly.

    i feel exactly the opposite with pretty much every pho place i've eaten at in southern california

  2. my mom and her bf were talking to me about there experiences with drugs in there earlier years. come to find out, my mom did opium a couple times and she loved every experience she had with it. it was almost as if she was convincing me to try it at least once in my life. i've always heard of opium but i've never been offered and it was never a priority......until now. thanks mom!

    if you can get your hands on some real deal opium, you fucking smoke that shit. not the easiest shit to come by in the US

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