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  1. Standard Deckhand's are warm but no way suitable for a Nordic winter. The sheep lined FIL specials will obviously be warmer. The thing about deckhands is they are narrow on the shoulders and narrow accross the top of the chest. If you wide, fat big whatever it will be too tight. If you size up then the chest will be ok but the rest of the jacket will be badly fitting. The deckhand jacket has always been on the small size since their first model some 5 years ago. All tis constant talk of people sizing up and down with Visvim is bullshit. Most people havent got a clue. While Visvim sizing has fluctuated a little over the years in keeping with current trends, its not been that much. With very, very few exceptions i have always bought the same size in Visvim. Always a 9 in shoes, medium in shirts etc. Its ridiculous these constant claims of sizing up or down. Buy your size and stick to it.

    sorry man but you're just plain wrong. i own numerous vis gear and i've gone between medium/large for jackets and shirts and size 10/11 for shoes. from piece to piece and from season to season things can and have changed. everyone's body is different and just because you bought the same size all these years doesn't mean a fucking thing to the rest of us. sure everyone gets sick of sizing questions but considering how much visvim costs these days i'd wanna make sure i cop the right size too.

    your argument is total shit.

  2. He usually does two sessions a day (two people). The 8 hours for him won't be a problem. I'm just wondering if it's possible on my behalf.

    He's quick as hell. In 8 hours I could be losing a lot of fluids and I'm wondering if it could actually be too much.

    Also, if the ribs are as painful as my sharp and bony ankle.... I will need a stress ball.

    i remember my ribs hurting pretty badly but far from unbearable. why not just use the 3 days you planned on instead of the two 8-hour days? i like to think i have a high pain threshold too but i would never wanna do 8 hours

  3. That was some bullshit, legal or not that was a cheap shot. Cortez is a shit referee. How you gonna resume the fight and then look away from the fight.

    Honestly though, if Ortiz didn't try that headbutt he would've eventually had Mayweather. He had him so far into that corner no amount of dodging would've saved him.

    you are crazy if you think Ortiz "had Mayweather" just because he was in the corner. have you ever watched Floyd fight? the man is a genius. he wasn't hurt and he would have easily made it out of the round unharmed.

    YES the ending sucked but Mayweather was winning that fight regardless.

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