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  1. Welcome
    All Prices Include Shipping To North America
    PayPal Only Please****No Trades Please

    All Items with original bag and tags unless stated otherwise
    PM with questions

    Visvim Black Elk Chambray Blue (Luxsic) sz3- 9.5/10 SOLD
    Visvim Oxford Kuba Navy sz3- 9/10 SOLD
    Visvim Oxford Kuba Blue sz3- 9/10 SOLD
    Visvim Newell Black sz10 SOLD
    Visvim Becher Check sz3- 9/10 SOLD

    Visvim Pauline Giza Orange sz.M- 8/10 $125 (tiny stain on cuff seen in last pic)

    Pit to Pit: 21
    Shoulder: 18.5
    Front: 22
    Back: 26

  2. anyone to help me out here?

    i would say buy your normal size. i went with a 32 waist and it was pretty right on. the waist will certainly stretch a bit but not more then any other brand of raw denim. those fuckers take a long time to break in. i've been wearing mine on and off since last march and they are still remarkably dark and stiff.

  3. yeah those hk prices are garbage. cheaper to proxy from the jap webstore. i'm feeling those new canoe mocs. might have to cop

    and those elmendorfs are already sold out of the webstore. crazy

  4. ^ looks good man! i've always wanted to have that experience. sounds intense!

    on a side note, i'm starting the rest of my left arm with Josh Duffy in a few weeks. super excited. i'll post some pics over my xmas break.

  5. Made good on my previous post, hit the RVA convention to catch up with Mr. Thidemann. 5ish hours later and i've got this amazing piece:


    I'll get some better pictures once it's healed.

    fucking awesome

    btw i saw this pic on tattoculturemagazine's instagram feed. it was "liked" by kore flatmo and jeff gogue....pretty neat.

  6. cmon guys i have searched all over the internet and sufu, but cant find any info regarding the oppians, plz help

    they are going to fit the same as the other standard FBTs released this year (bearfoots obviously fit differently than standard FBTs.)

    just because the ankle wrap changes in style doesn't mean the fit of the shoe is going to change. you feel me?

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