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  1. i'm thinking about flying to nyc to get my tattoo done at invisiblenyc from regino....unless I can find someone similar in la...no luck yet

    the guys at invisiblenyc are good but what are you planning on doing that can't be done by someone in southern california?.... especially if it's some traditional jap shit. no hate i'm just curious

  2. knicks got robbed.

    robbed of what exactly? it's clearly all about next year for the Knicks. They'll get D Williams or CP3 for sure. I don't wanna hear anyone's speech about cap space.....they'll make it happen somehow. And since when did any D'Antoni team play any defense? they weren't going anywhere in the playoffs this year with Felton and Chandler so who cares that they gave them up.

  3. ^ yeah fuck andre miller.....hate that guy. as much as i love Blake (and i'm a clippers season ticket holder) i kinda feel like he wouldn't have made the all-star squad if the game wasn't in LA this year. maybe i'm wrong but it just feels that way.

  4. thinking of getting my first tattoo on my inner bicep. is it a particularly painful place? will it look weird if I continue working out and maybe gain some size? not planning on getting ridiculously big though.

    it'st the skull from this:

    inner bicep hurts no doubt, i have both of mine done. the good thing is it barley ever sees the sun. And asking someone what their tattoo "symbolizes" is fucking annoying.

  5. I thought he was talking about healed tattoos.

    I put on Aquaphor for the first 3-4 days then Aveeno moisturizing lotion for the next couple weeks. Don't put anything else on until that shit is fully healed and stay out of the sun.

    i thought he was asking about a healed tattoo as well. i do the same aquaphor then aveeno/lubriderm combo. you only need to do it 3 times a day and it heals super fast

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