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  1. I just checked Baker's to fool around with the configuration for the White's Nomad, and it's saying that natural chrome excel is available.

    Not sure if it was just a mistake or something but I may have to place an order.

    I have done the same probably 5 times since they became available. The fact that White's is saying no to a few simple changes keeps me from committing. I love White's, and would love to have a pair of engineers from them. Don't you think brown semi dress leather would be perfect for a pair of engineers?

  2. just called my local Levis outlet and they haven't received anything, but they expect pieces soon. left my # for them to contact me when stuff comes in.

    Curious what store that is. I just called my closest store in Washington PA and they said that they would not be getting anything.

  3. OMG, is there ever going to another post on here that's not a sale??

    Beautiful Triple Pleat! What are your impressions of it and why are you sellng? Enquiring minds need to know.

    The size L Triple Pleat fits like XL. After abandoning my search, I unexpectedly stumbled across an unworn one couple weeks ago, but it is way too big. So hoping maybe to trade for a M but I doubt that will happen.

    The jacket is great, I like everything I see, but I cannot really make a fair opinion until I have one to wear for a bit. I was surprised at how light the denim is. I think I read somewhere that it is 10oz?

    By the way, I linked Loomstate, your article on the finding of the jacket in my supermarket post. If that is not o, I can remove it.

  4. The size L Triple Pleat fits like XL. I unexpectedly stumbled across an unworn one couple weeks ago, but it is way too big. hoping maybe to trade. Article on the finding of the original over @ loomstate

    -Anyone have a Medium they would trade for a Large?

    -Or trades plus $. I am 10.5-11 in boots, about size 33 in pants, and M-L in jackets.

    -If not, I hope to get close to what I paid ($425 shipped)

    24" pit to pit

    19 1/8" shoulders seam to seam

    24 3/4" shoulder seam to end of sleeve

    24 3/4" top to bottom





  5. Guys, since we are at this.

    Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies webstore is going live today http://www.tuckshopsundrysupplies.com/

    Full range of Red Cloud & Co available, shipping worldwide.

    And official distributors worldwide for Red Cloud & Co.

    Thanks for the heads up, and a question. Are the Wabash pants that over sized? Size 29 measures 33", that is the same as my size 34 jeans. How are you measuring? I am guessing these will shrink considerably.

    I looked into getting a pair when they first showed up last year, but these measurements are not what I was given.



  6. concerned about the leather on my white's being too dry, i hastily treated them with obenauf's lp. i forgot about the darkening effect on the colour and went the full deal. now my boots are dark brown.

    will the leather lighten up over time as the oils are drawn back out of the leather?

    I have not found that it will lighten enough to really notice. If you push it to the point of being dry, then yes, but won't be good for the health of the boots.

  7. sell or trade and 10% off for anyone with connections to get a Canon 5D MKII for a steal

    price includes shipping within conus, international will be a little more

    -RRL, Julian Imrie made Engineers - 11D new in box - open to offers

    -Red Wing Iron Rangers 8113 - 10.5D new in box - $230 $215

    -2 pair vintage Red Wing Cowboy boots 11D - each $95 $85

    -White's rough out Smoke Jumpers (dubbed) - 11D - Sold

    -WWII Impressions Boondockers - 10.5D new in box - $195 Sold

    -Red Wing 866 crepe sole pull-on - 11D - $100 - Sold

    -Red Wing Beckman 9012 chesnutt - 10.5D new in box - $280 $225 Sold











  8. Looking so good in that pic that I had to come out of hiding to post about it.

    thanks homeskillet. out long enough to wear a pair of blacksmiths for a month and tell about it?

  9. Anyone know who makes the new boots? I heard they got rid of Julian?

    The answer to that can easily be found in this thread, and is even in the name and description of the boot on the website. Just have to look

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